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Review of New MB Diabolo Sticks

Seán hammered out an in depth review/preview of the new Mister Babache aluminum and carbon sticks.

Would love to get my hands on a pair of those aluminums. The possibility for free-spinning knots is a plus. Not sold on the curvy foam handles, but I’ll hold my judgement until I’ve tried them.

Aaro on Performing with Fire Diabolos

After his experience on Norske Talenter (Norwegian Talents), Aaro put together an excellent post on performing with the Gora kit for Finesse diabolos, and even fire diabolos in general.

I was using normal string, but I think it is a good idea to change the string quite often, as it will get worn/melted a bit every time you juggle. Always have spare sticks around, and someone on the side of the stage that your diabolo is spinning towards. This person should also have a fire extinguisher or similar to take care of any nasty surprises. I had a luxury of having a trained stunt man on stage with me, but any person with hands and some basic understanding of fire should do…

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2010 Diabolo Gear Survey

I’ve heard your requests. This year we’re finally doing it — a gear survey that covers diabolos, sticks, string, experience, and geographic location. A survey so detailed that you can pick the generation of your gear and even your preferred grip type.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out and the data should allow the first detailed global analysis of diabolo gear preferences.

So, go fill it out… now! [We've gathered enough responses. The survey is closed for 2010.]

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Diabolo Preferences

Diabolo Preferences October 2009.

Some of my thoughts:

  • The new Eastern diabolos (Taibolo and Sundia) now comprise 40% of the popularity and it looks like they will continue to grow.
  • The growth of popularity in these diabolos seems to have been at the expense of the Circus diabolos but not the Finesses. I would take a guess that people are leaving Finesses for Suns or Taibolos but there are always new people starting with Finesses to fill in the gap. See my comments on Finesses below.
  • Sundia diabolos are now equally as popular as Finesses.
  • The Harlequins and Yohos are rarely preferred these days and will probably be dropped from this figure in future years. The Harlequins for good reason and the Yohos probably because the Japanese Diabigs aren’t being manufactured any longer. I assume these diaboloists would have picked up Taibolos/Flys/Suns.
  • A note to all you newer diaboloists inquiring about smaller diabolos: as of today only 2 people out of 268 preferred 4 inch diabolos (and who knows if those people have tried 5 inch diabolos).
  • Fly popularity started to decline/stabilize as of 2008. This is likely due to the increased popularity and availability of the Suns and the introduction of the Shining diabolos. I would guess that Flys are the secondary diabolo of many but the primary diabolo of few.
  • The overwhelming popularity of the Finesses still baffles me although I assume it’s at least partly due to Diabology (anyone notice they all use Circuses now?), promotion, and most of all, ease of availability.
  • It would be interesting to conduct a more detailed poll to assess preferences geographically. Some day I’ll get around to that.
  • Feeling statistically inclined? Here’s the data. Do your worst with it. If you’re familiar with R, feel free to play with my code.
  • Discuss.