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Any Move Could Be Best [A.M.C.B.B.]


Stunning diabolo video by Joona and Eljas of Tampere, Finland.

[Excalibur 3] by Axaros and Grums


Axaros and Grums take two-person excalibur passing and one-person two-diabolo excalibur to new levels in their latest video [Excalibur 3]. That’s vertax for you new-school diaboloists. Did I mention Herr Flick?

Tricks Without Sticks


Long-time forum member Chris Garcia unveils a new style of diaboloing he’s been developing — contact diabolo with rings. The result is surprisingly fluid and mesmerizing to watch.

Hold On Tight


Classic soundtrack, powerful contrast and filming angles, and some gnarly diaboloing (check out 1:20). Tobi’s newest video Hold On Tight is worth a look.