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Anime Diabolo Duel


Thanks Jem for finding it and Donald for suggesting to frontpage it.

Diabolo.ca Collaboration Video 2009

Diabolo.ca Collaboration Video 2009

Good things are worth waiting for. The 2009 Diabolo.ca Collaboration Video is definitely no exception.

Jesse Gehlen deserves massive credit for editing the largest diabolo video collaboration to date: 47 diabolists from 37 cities and 14 countries.

Watch it, read about it, and even add a Director’s commentary track. ’till next year, Diabolo.ca.

Put Together Beautifully

Jesse has shot a brand new video, which is filmed and edited by his friend, Mike Sharkey. The results are quite impressive: self-described “sloppy tricks” filmed with great videography make for a video that is breaking new ground in how we film the prop we love so much. Excellent stuff!

Epic Starts Here

Epic Starts Here

Martijn, Arjan and William gathered together this summer and put together a rather interesting diabolo video. The video made up of both traditional diabolo video shooting and very, very random footage, and is edited in a way that makes you feel you’re right there with them on vacation. Quite a unique effect for a diabolo video, I must say. So check it out and enjoy the fun.