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Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition 2012
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Competition Instruction

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Application Form-Individual

Application Form-Group

Introduction of Association

Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition 2012

This year December we have lots of great diaboloist to join us in the Diabolo Malaysia Open Competition,come and join us too!!

Foreign nationality competitor:

Foreign nationality Judge:

Organizer: Absolute D Studio

1.   Japan Diabolo Association.
2.   Hong King (Victoria Park) Jugglers.

1.   Enhance the sharing and exchange of diabolo juggling skill.
2.   Provide platforms for the jugglers to perform and improve their competition experience.
3.   Sponsor the winner of this competition to participate the juggling competition at overseas in order to enhance Malaysian’s juggling skill.

Date: 22.12.2012 (Saturday) – 23.12.2012 (Sunday)

Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Competition Group:
•   National Individual (Malaysian ONLY, 13 years old and above)

•   International:
-   Individual Juggling (preliminary match, final match; junior tournament & open tournament)
-   1 DIABOLO(final match; open tournament)
-   2 DIABOLOS (final match; open tournament)
-   3DIABOLOS (final match; open tournament)
-   4DIABOLOS LOW  (final match; open tournament)
-   Group Competition (3-8 members per group)(final, primary group & open tournament)

*For any inquiries about this event please PM me as im the International Secretary of the Open Competition

*For more details, please visit our fanpage on Facebook :