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Skill toy mania (by me) mini comp
« on: December 13, 2012, 04:47:16 pm »
As you probably DONT know I'm doing a series on you tube called "skill toy mania"
It's a series of videos that are using skill toys
I've done 3/5 videos out of the series

And they were...
New tricks and skills
A new tutorial

And I'm missing from the series
The ultimate skills guide
And showing off

So what I'm asking is, I would like to feature a video from one of you guys, to use in episode 5 using a diabolo, monobolo, cigar boxes, poi, or any other skill toy you want!

If you have an entry can you post it as a reply (you can use Dropbox, media fire etc)

Do's and dont's
no intro e.g don't add a title at the start of the video
No music - as I will be adding music during the whole video
It must not already be on YouTube or JTV, it must be an original video
When you post it as a reply please write where you country is
It must be under 1 minute long (if its over by 1 or 2 seconds its fine)
No pre editing, don't edit the video massively, but you can trim and use other view shots!
And don't be disheartened if your video isn't chosen, I will make a compilation of videos afterwards. But it will only be posted on the forum, NOT on YouTube

The closing date is the 20th of January (uk time!) so that's plenty of time

And finally...

P.s if you want to sub my YT channel it is below this quick message!
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