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FDC Major Topic Idea

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--- Quote from: samuli on September 01, 2013, 02:22:13 pm ---Yo Admins,

Would it be possible to get own major topic on diabolo.ca? Then we could get all the past fdc talk and videos on a place where it could be found. There's already eight years of FDC behind. I think this would be cool for all of us.

Like this would propalby make it easier to follow all the videos. like the second FDC2013 video from this year titled 'alright'.

btw. there's third FDC2013 video on it's way already. Would be nice way to celebrate the totally awesome solid FDC main topic. ;)



--- End quote ---

Thought I'd post Samuli's idea here. Thoughts?

I agree

In short: working on it. Hope to have it up soonish.

Duncan = love

And its up. Its now a child board for Community and Events. Have fun!


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