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My company is designing packaging for a 5 bearing Diabolo we are manufacturing.

We're in a rush to finish packaging for New York's International Toy Fair 2014 which happens next month and we are looking for an inspiring photo of someone diabolo-ing (what's the proper way to say this?) to be featured on our sample packaging. We will likely photoshop the diabolo out and replace it with ours. The photo needs to be on a solid color background which contrasts from the diabolo, sticks, and person diabolo-ing.

While I cannot say I'm as good as any of you at Diabolo, I think our product is pretty good, so if things go well at the Toy Fair and it hits the market, I hope you guys will enjoy it.

It's urgent, so if you have a great photo of you diabolo-ing on a solid color contrasting background, contact me here ASAP:

I can't promise we'll use your photo, but any submissions are greatly appreciated. We may also be in need of some consultation regarding details on the product and a possible sponsorship...let me know if that's something you could help us with.

Thanks very much,

Molson Hart
President VIAHART


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Re: New Diabolo Brand Seeking Packaging Photos & Potential Collaboration
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Hey there, just wondering is there any particular requirement (1D, 2D, 3D etc...) or can it just be any trick with any amount of diabolos we want? Also can people submit multiple pictures?

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