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Saving/favoriting threads function

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Idk how easy/hard that feature is to implement into the forum (?) but if more updating is done in the future I'd like to see it (currently I just rc-save pages to folders separately). Would be great in order to favorite older threads for reference too instead of not being able to find them with search. Is it something doable?

The Void:
It looks like there is an SMF mod that will do that:

Up to admins as to whether to implement it.

Thank you for that reply. Your link had everything I was wanting except a way to see others favorites (making for faster browsing) but seems really good. Link to mod seemed dead (?) but found another:


If at all possible please admins implement something like this if there is ever another update. Are topics ever pruned? Because if not an update like this is even more gold. Would mean no more "I remember a thread about X but I can't find it because Y so now I have to ask Z".

The Void:
For reference: I just installed the one you linked to on the kendama forum (SMF 2.0.7), and all seems to work fine.
http://www.kendama.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,2125.0.html [Edit: Ah, you can't see the attached screenshots in that post unless you're logged in to BKA.]

After a brief back and forth, we now have the bookmark feature here!

All members should now be able to find a button labelled "Add Bookmark" at the top or bottom of each thread.

Excellent suggestion - this should be a good addition.


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