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« on: September 01, 2015, 01:20:45 pm »
Hi there!

During the last EJC 2015 we had a meeting, in which quite some people participated. It started slow, with little attendance, but then the amount of people grew and grew. Funnily enough I think not even half of the people present at the beginning had ever been in the forum, but still it is good that continues being somehow the glue between diaboloists. I say it is good because links between people are something, in my eyes, beneficial, and I think facebook provides to some extent that function, but to other extents, not.

I have written my own notes from the meeting, if anybody thinks I forgot something important or wants to expand, discuss, just post here.

Notes from the meeting:
- There are quite some people that read the forum but do not comment often.
- The searching tool is too complex, behaving unexpectedly by, probably, the majority of users
- In general people would very much appretiate if continued existing
- It would be nice to have a facebook page of I already volunteer to handle by hand the exchange of information in order to make sure all the things that are worthwhile stay in the info of the forum (mostly anything that is not yet repeated). But I accept volunteers to give me a hand.
- In the next EJC it would be nice to make two separate meetings, one at the beginning of the EJC, another one before the second weekend. The first one is to get to know each other early enough, the second one is for late comers, and probably for video recording.
- Yes, this time we recorded a video. I will try to make a trailer of it, while the editing keeps going. For now you just get a number, 40 diabolo players are involved, yay.

I will add things from the discussion here.
- making a sign, or something clear so people in the EJC can get to know about the meeting without visiting the forum.
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Re: meeting at EJC 2015: some notes
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2015, 02:21:11 pm »
The point about the search function is a really good one that never really gets brought up, even after having been on the forum for years it still gives me trouble.

Same goes for the readers-but-non-posters (myself included, I know I rarely post but I read the forum every day XD ) activity matters more than people know. Even if it's just a couple words in each post, bumping topics and keeping them active makes a big difference in keeping discussion and progress going.

I'll make it to an EJC one day I promise~ And I'm super excited for the video, can't wait! :)


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Re: meeting at EJC 2015: some notes
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The meeting was a really nice idea. It was a good and easy way to meet the diabolo people, from or not.

I myself came down to it by pure luck, i don't know if it was announced somewhere in advance. Doing it sooner in the week might be a better idea, the sooner you meet the people, the sooner you can exchange with them on a daily basis during the convention.

I myself can be included in the reader-non writer type of person ;-).

Thanks again for this meeting!
Julien H.


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Re: meeting at EJC 2015: some notes
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2015, 10:50:13 pm »
i didn't know there was a meeting at the EJC. And i really wanted to be part of it. next time ! haha


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Re: meeting at EJC 2015: some notes
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2015, 07:34:16 am »
Ah, Nino! I was surprised when I saw Victor appear but not you, we also missed you :). Next time I will make sure proper signs are around, I was too busy this year and couldn't think of everything.
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Re: meeting at EJC 2015: some notes
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i need to go to an EJC at some point, or FDC, or JJF, because the stuff that happens there seems crazy
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