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Birthday Wis-hes Collaboration video
« on: Today at 01:25:33 pm »
THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL OF YOU. I will write to each of you personally! (tight with time lately). I am frontpaging this for you to see my Thanks and because I think the Motivating message in this is amazing, and I want it to reach all of you.

Hi guys, I had birthday on 19th of January and Fernando Kowarik decided to ask diabolo players around the world to make a diabolo collaboration video for me!

I was truly shocked. I have spent a lot of hours invested in the diabolo community, and sometimes it is hard, you doubt yourself, you are not so sure why you are doing it. Any kind of positive feedback is amazing, I remember the Almere EJC meeting, and all the positive feedback I got there. That helped me a lot.

This last 6 months were hard and I was needing some motivation. What you guys made, may just have saved me :)

So please, continue motivating others to do what they love, as I always tried to do, in diabolo or in whatever. I RESPECT PASSION.

This is not about me, more than about motivating your friends, colleagues, anybody you meet. If they do what they love they will be happier, smile more, and you will see it and benefit from it. All this is obvious, probably, but I forget about it. Maybe you don't, I hope so, none of us should forget it.

The list of participants in the first comment to avoid flooding the frontpage.
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Re: Birthday Wis-hes Collaboration video
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:26:24 pm »
Featuring this insane list <3 :
Aida Osa
Aldair Espinosa
Alexis Levillon, Elise and Raya
Alistair Girardot
Arjan Groenendijk
Arthur Hyam
Benni Wenzel
Bow Delquie
Brend Van Kerckhove
Camilo Camilet
Chao Yu-Sung
ChihHan Chao
Chloé Fossard
Chris Garcia and Dinobolo
Clément Lulé
Dekel Azulay
Didac Gilabert
Fernando Kowarik
Fernando Santa-Olalla MagoPeace
Florian Letsch
Focker Bear
Henri Kangas
Ignacio Pons Rivas
Iñigo San Jose Visiers
Irene Soria
Irmak Kuyumcu
Jacky 黃士瑋
Jan Himself
Jędrzej Kolbert
Judith Both
Jun-Hui Tsai
Kris Liu
Lucas Gardezani
Luis Alberto Barcenas
Maciej Grzegorzewski
Marco De Matteis
Martin DiaboloGalego
Martin Janik
Matteo Di Gaetano
Miguel Kowarik
Naoya Aoki and Totoro
Nev Brooks
Nico Pires
Nicolás Herrera
Nina Gubarenko and Roman
Nino Wassmer
Pablo Koala
Pakito J4ko
Paulina Chodnnic
Pen Zen
Pranay Werner
Priam Pierret
Quentin Godet
Raul Portales Shalafi
Rauli Katajavouri
Richard Clement
Richi Fallas
Robert Zapata
Roberto Blankot
Ronnie Slowinski
Sebi Haushofer
Thomas Chauzy
Tim Hng
Tomáš Zahradník
William Gilbert
Wu Haw Jong(Taiwan)
Youri Gregoire
李翊華 Martin
虎劇團 (W.H.O Theatre)
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Re: Birthday Wis-hes Collaboration video
« Reply #2 on: Today at 03:49:27 pm »
And this is a note from Fernando, this is the first big video he ever edits. It is very cool

Notes from a noobie editor: Due to the big amount of videos plus my 0 experience editing videos i decided put all the videos together without editing, i know it can be a bit dense but i dont have the best laptop (check pic in the comments, i have to put my laptop on the window outside while exporting because it was getting too hot!)
Ronnie Slowinski i am so sorry your video gave me many problems... i dont know why but my editor didnt like it, it has been the issue that i have been struggling with the most!
Priam PIERRET sorry i forgot add your name, but everyone know you :P. I hope you like.
Youri Grégoire: you told me that your video was cropped... no idea, i got it like that, sorry.
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