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Hyperspin: lights and shadows (diabolo review)
« on: October 02, 2016, 09:08:19 pm »
Hyperspin diabolo is a diabolo that has been around Asia for more than a year, and since then, people outside from Asia have seen that these diabolos are suitable to pull up some very difficult tricks. I was contacted, like many others, and offered some slightly cheaper diabolos and in exchange I was suppose to review them. So why not make it in public?

I have had the funny situation that in the EJC I was the only person that had 3 Hyperspins with fixed axle, so I had tons of people trying them and giving me feedback. Additionally I have asked Luis Reis, Pieter Slachmuylders to write their opinions down. So I am directly copying them here for you, and on top of that I will transmit part of the opinion from Sebi Haushofer.

The diabolo itself
- Specs
Height = 150mm
Diameter = 127mm
Weight = 244g (+10gr with bearings)
- The cup is divided in a part is transparent and another part that is of a certain colour, it can be also transparent or not at all. The joint between both parts has a wavy shape. The look of the diabolo creates polarised opinions, many people dislike the brightness, though many admit that at high speed or with certain lighting they look very nice, that is why because few dislike the wavy shape between the solid and transparent parts. This makes me suggest they could think of having two or three different shapes. But maybe it is necessary for a nice fit between the transparent and the non transparent parts 
- Very wide axle
- They have a great smooth touch in the cups, even stopping them is nicer than in other diabolos
- Despite the smooth touch, the material still is hard and sharp, so the diabolo belongs to the painful category, you do not want it falling on your bare feet. Nothing like Circus for this
- The biggest downside is the durability. One of them got broken 2 months. Apparently the transparent part of the cup is the weak point. Crazy, almost no vertax, and I never break diabolos... I also have notice of other people breaking several of them. From Hyperspin they said that if you train a lot in vertax on a hard surface they may break. Luis Reis below claims that high throws are the riskiest. He even had a case of broken axle.
My diabolo:

One from Luis Reis:

- So far the company is providing exchange cups if your diabolo gets broken but I can't guarantee they will keep doing it.
- LED kit: I have not seen them live, but in this video (offline now) they look pretty cool I have them and the are truly awesome. The most simple nice thing for me is that the three LEDs have a different radius, so when turning they describe three concentric circles. This video does not show much, but there it is.

- Let's get straight to the main good point: mega smooth flow on the string, sensation of lightness. The diabolo almost feels like if it wasn't there. Here is where I will mention Sebi, who very much liked them for 3 low
- Very stable for one and multiple diabolos. They recover fantastically from collision
- Very nice spin at low speeds, but the shape of the diabolo makes it more visible that the diabolo is turning slow
- Great for vertax, great for high throws
- Grinds feel like magnets, it is great for these tricks
- They bounce very nicely against the ground

Pieter Slachmuylders
Hyperspins are really smooth when you catch them on the string. Compared to other diabolos which feel like 'rolling' over the string the Hyperspin slides over the string. Personally, for tossing up the diabolos when doing high, I like the cups very much: they are empty, no letters and lines/edges etc. I also found out the Hypersin bounces really well, a thing I personally like.
What I didn't like for the tossing up, is the small edge between the plastic of the cup and the metal piece with the logo on it (so inside the diabolo cup), because when i toss up my nail scratches over it (but i have the same problem with a lot of diabolos like epic and taiblolo... Maybe it is a personal problem  )
[Note from Wis]: I confirm that the metal piece with the logo is noticeably noisy when it with the nail.   

Luis Reis
First of all Hyperspin Diabolos are the best diabolos are in my point of view the best diabolos that I've seen on the Market.
Meanwhile, as a diaboloist i'm more of a Artist Performer than a Trickster and that makes a lot of difference.

Hyperspin: are the fastest Freebearing diabolos that I've seen, the most well design, they are gorgeous and simply awesome.
They are just the best diabolo for a stage performance.
mainly if you're the kinda of guy who likes to do Vertax skills.
They're the diabolo with the best freebearing in the market( again), the fastest, with the most long spinning time( You can make the test)


Meanwhile for all trickster the Hyperspin diabolo will more be like a BAMBOO Diabolo, Amazing.. but to keep in the closet since is very fragile to the chocks, It's very resistant and you can drop it in the floor in vertax mode from almost anywhere, contrary I don't adivise you to pratice High tricks, like siteswap with it, the more speed and weight the diabolo have the more are your chances to brake it, even if you just bought it.

Luis Reis conclusion:
Hyperspin are amazing and i really advise it if you want to do performances with it, meanwhile you must re-check your techniques and see if they are not dangerous for the diabolo, throws in the air, kicking the diabolo, throw it at the wall, just be careful with it or you will be pissed in no time.

In my case i still training my normal tricks with the Epic Juggling Diabolos since they are awesome and only use Hyperspin in stage or for Vertax tricks.

So if you want to go and check them, they already have a website
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Re: Hyperspin: lights and shadows (diabolo review)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2016, 10:00:08 am »
Nice Review Luis !

I like the Hyperspin ( Fixed axle POWA ) the size and weight are perfect, the biggest advantage for me is
and that the weight is distributed mainly in the center of the diabolo and that why he is very stable !

For the Body combo 3 low that perfect cause ou just need one acceleration and the diabolo is stable, i never broke a Hyperspin
but never practice vertax or dangerous tricks for the diabolo so if you say the durability is not good i trust you !

For me the biggest downside is the design, i'm not a fan of fantasy look is cool for some fun look but i really want a hyperspin with classical look pure white look and that would be perfect !



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Re: Hyperspin: lights and shadows (diabolo review)
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 02:08:00 pm »

I know many people are raving for Hyperspin with fixed axle. There are not fixed axle right now because they didn't like the first model they made, yes, the one I had and used to write this review. Apparently in may wobble too much. Strange because I felt they were perfect from this perspective, maybe I got some great pieces.

Current status, new fixed axle model is produced, is being tested by the European distributor of Hyperspin, which is Oddballs. As soon as can be confirmed that the new product is good enough they may start producing and sending them in bigger scale. Maybe by end of the year... Fingers crossed
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