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FDC2017 -festival (Finnish Diabolo Festival) is now organized for the 12th time at  Eräjärvi 17. -20.8.2017.
more info at:

FDC2017 guest list will be updated during the spring season of 2017 but here are some of the first confirmed bookings.

Jukka Nousiainen
Jukka Nousiainen, Miljoonan känniviestin mies, Roskalavojen rokkitähti, will join us at the FDC2017 and play a gig for us at Eräjärvi. Jukka Nousiainen is EMMA awarded musician from Nastola, Finland.
Since 2011 Jukka Nousiainen has led the rock n’ roll group Räjäyttäjät. Slowly but surely the word has spread.
Whereas Räjäyttäjät found their home somewhere inbetween Hurriganes and Radiopuhelimet, Jukka’s solo album Huonoa seuraa has a lot more in common with classic finnish singer-songwriters such as Juice. The schlager-like qualities of the album only make it better – Huonoa seuraa was one of the most critically acclaimed finnish albums of 2014.
So let’s enjoy him while we can. Play our sorrows away at the FDC2017, Jukka.

The everybody Knows
The everybody Knows plays and messes around poorly muted and sluggish rock music with exellent singer. However, over time gestures are now less muted and sluggishness has decreased!!! This is the hot power pop band from Finland with garage punk touch. This band also fits to the FDC-festival´s tradition to give you things while they are still raw and hungry. We at the FDC-HQ know that in future this band will be impossible to see as all the gigs and c-tapes will be sold out before you hear about them.

Johan Juslin
Johan Juslin is a Finnish juggler who is a graduate from the national circus school in Montreal and he is specialized in juggling with balls, rings clubs and diabolo. In October of 2017 Johan will be joining Cirque du Soleil in the show “Corteo”, which will make an arena tour around North America

Rauli Katajavuori (Fin)
The inventor of the balanced single sided diabolo and also the inventor of the word Monobolo, Rauli Katajavuori is also the founder of FDC-festival, inventor of Diabolo state graphs and he has over 20 years experience in diabolo juggling. At FDC2017 he will present some of his diabolo juggling. And to fix history straight Rauli would like to mention that he asked Jürgen to make special balanced one sided diabolo for him, which Jürgen developed 2006/2007 and started to sell them for general public. Rauli and Laura Sariola invented the name at FDC2007 and Jürgen started to use that on promotional sale purposes and now the word is used all around the world but the balanced single sided diabolo didn’t really catch on, maybe because it is quite expensive and lacks at least 3 bearings.

Rauli has also done this thing.

Previous years:
2016, Roman Müller (SWI), Théo Scarito (FRA), Tommi Ollikainen (FIN), Henri Kangas (FIN),
2015, Hayato Watanabe (JPN) Alexis Grumms, Arthur Hyam (UK), Matias Borsani (ARG)
2014, Haavard & Jarle Bergo (NO) , Donald Grant, William GIlbert
2013, Tobias ‘Tipper’ Frich Pedersen (Dk)
2012, Etienne Chauzy (Fr), Naoya Aoki (JPN) Jouni Ihalainen (Fr)
2011, Stephen Langley (UK), Donald Grant (Skotlanti).
2010, Pranay Werner ja Markus Springer (Saksa) sekä Stephen Langley ja Tom McCall (UK).
2009, Stephen Langley, Tom McCall sekä Nev Brooks (UK), William Gilbert
2008, Stephen Langley (UK), Donald Grant (Skotlanti), Jouni Ihalainen (FR)
2007, Tempei Arakawa (Japani).
2006, Eric Longequel ja Antonin Harz (Ranska). /