Author Topic: [Worldwide applications] PAO THE WORLD, 2018 Red Bull PAO, 1 vs 1 Diabolo Battle  (Read 137 times)


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Red Bul PAO battle is coming back, January 2018, Taiwan

PAO Diabolo Battle is Back in 2018!

Where: In Taiwan
When: January 26-29
Who can apply: World Wide, You can submit your video application. 90 seconds, with no cuts, the music can be added afterwards.
Until when can I send a video application?
15th of December
Where to?

How many international players can make into the final from international auditions?
According to the rules there will be 4, no more, no less. I think it is great!

Is Red Bull paying something if I qualify? Yes, Hotel and Food. Maybe local transport. Definitely not Airplane tickets.

How is gonna be? Amazing!

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Donald the Trekky

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nice! Just a bit hard to read behind the logo in the middle of each page.


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Awesome, I saw them post on facebook, but couldn't read because it was in another language. Thanks for posting with english translation, although like Donald said, a bit hard to read behind the logos xP


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I fully agree! That is a feedback that probably should be carried to the source of those pictures. Volunteers? :)
"The string...the inertia...the hours"