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PAO 2018 Worldwide video audition
« on: December 27, 2017, 02:51:20 pm »
Hi all

As you may know there was a video audition for PAO Diabolo Battle, and I think most of the videos are worth watching, one minute and a half so the videos are packed.

Here is a PLAYLIST with all the videos

Here are the final results for the overseas players, meaning the non-Taiwanese, from Europe Alexis and Henri are selected. I was anyway going to Taiwan in those dates, that is why I applied, with terrible results. I will take another try in the last chance battle. As I understand it is a battle that happens in the place, and it allows to enter PAO if you defeat the other players. If this was a Disney movie, I would have a lot of chances with this unfavorable set-up. Obviously for me the goal is to make a round or 2, even qualifying to PAO is rather impossible.


and Henri

(there was a controversy because in the rules the videos were not suppsed to be edited, but the rules were not clear, so in the end edited videos were also accepted)

apart from people from Asia Aaro also took part

and me, the previous to last classified :)
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Re: PAO 2018 Worldwide video audition
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 09:30:46 am »
I am obviously biased, but i do have some thoughts about this process.

It seems that the technical level of diabolo juggling was not a big factor, a bit bigger from judges compared to votes, but still.
I guess this goes along with the battle format, there seems to be demand for flashy moves combined with dancelike movement, and even though I understood the clip was supposed to be one shot, there was editing from some contestants. How they are going to edit their live show remains to be seen  :-D

Thanks for reporting Wis, and hope to see you again soon!