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Review: Diaglo LED Diabolo Sticks by The Spin Force
« on: January 22, 2018, 05:52:44 pm »
After testing them in 3 different shows I must say I love these sticks. The look is stunning, with the beam of light filling the whole stick, the effect is much better than with other sticks. The material used is very transparent but still has a good grip. The weight and behavior of the sticks is very similar to a regular stick. The combination of diameter and weight gives a nice gentle fly which I would compare to the DEOS one. The durability is great, Henry's sticks are the toughest ones, but I feel these ones are at similar level.

These sticks I have come in two weight versions and two color options.
- Standard (v1): Weight: ~50grams  Length: ~30 centimeters
- Light (v2): Weight: ~35 grams  Length: ~25 centimeters
- Fixed color: With multiple colors to choose, the color is a bit more intense than the Changing color version
- Changing color: With a lot of different modes that you can change with one click

For myself I bought a Standard with fixed color (green like Artur Hyam would do), and a Light with color changing version

Differences between the Standard and Light versions:
- Playability: The light version feels completely like a normal stick, the Standard feels a bit more bulky but I think it is possible to do all your tricks after 15 minutes of playing. Most of them after 3 minutes.
- Durability: The Standard version is more durable than the light one. I managed to break a Light one in a test session. But it is because the sticks felt awesome, I started to make my hardest release the stick tricks, and in the end I failed in a double minigenocie... the kind of hit that would bend aluminium (like xtreme sticks from Babache). For the rest I have played like with normal sticks, and I have had zero problems. Love them.
- Visibility: The Standard ones are bigger, so more visible, but I am not sure if the difference is very noticeable
- LED module: in the v2 you cannot exchange the Fixed color for the Changing color module. Once you buy your set, the module is fixed.

Differences between the Fixed color and Changing color versions:
- Activation: in the Fixed color ones you need to turn a plastic piece in the bottom so you need to remove the plastic cover that protects the bottom of the stick (10 seconds both sticks). In the Changing color ones you need to press a button, with the plastic protection is not working 100% of the times, but I think it is great and activates instantly.
- Change of batteries: A bit easier in the Fixed color version
- Battery life: In the Changing color version you should remove the batteries after performing or the LEDs will drain the batteries even when switched off

Latest news: The v3 model is already available for purchase in his website. I spoke with Chris about them and the characteristics are:
- Same weight as the Light (v2)
- More durable than the v2
- You can exchange LED modules (you can change from Fixed to Changing color modules)
- The extraction of the batteries is easier compared to the v2 (included a magnes based tool that helps to extract the batteries)
- The string goes through the stick, it does not go out from a side like in the v1 and v2, see the picture below

V3, how the string enters the stick

tl;dr: For me these are the best LED diabolo sticks out there. If you want to have a solid, very good looking pair of light sticks, buy a fixed color standard and you will know you have a great piece of equiment ready for whenever you may need it. I bought these lights things for collection but now I perform with them ;) Motivation!

See the original post from The Spin Force.

Standard (left) versus Light (right) size comparison

Fixed (left) versus Changing (right) color brightness comparison
(I set the changing color to green. I guess the best to compare brightness is to compare the halo of green light projected on the ground)

And here, me, testing the equipment last weekend. Sorry for the quality, it is a screenshot from a video from a phone :)

"The string...the inertia...the hours"