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How often do you buy new diabolos?

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 I have my epics for 5 years and was thinking recently to buy new ones. How often do you buy new diabolos?

I buy multiple diabolos but just because I want to have a new model, for collection and knowledge purposes. I have never considered: 'ok, it is the time to change for a new diabolo because the old ones are old'.

hard to say i buy new diabolos when my  diabolos are old axis and bearing not working good

depends on my motivation to buy new ones. i bought my taibolos at EJC 2011, and then this year i bought myself evos.
if something interesting comes around, i might buy it. but never because i feel like my diabolos are too old.

I bought my epics 5 years ago too and they are still working nice. I also have some taibolos, vision and finesse that sometimes I use. So I have enough diabolos for now  8)
How often do you buy sticks? I use carbon for some years but they break so fast and now I use aluminium again  and the last longer :)


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