Author Topic: Late Reduced remix collaboration video 2017 is COMING for real!!!  (Read 468 times)


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Hello all,

I talked with Wis and he tries to send me all the previous collaboration 2017 clips he has saved, this means  maybe 25% or 50% of clips and I promised to make the edit for year 2017 collaboration video. You probably  remember the collaboration video I edited 2014. So don't get too hyped. :D But what I can guarantee is that there will be collaboration video 2017.

So just to make this happen, and you have sent clips for this collaboration please re-send them to me before end of August and you'll get the collaboration video in September and We can launch new collaboration poll  for year 2018.

Deadline to send videos August 26th.2018

Please send your videos to (I would prefer wetransfer)


Rauli /


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Hi Samuli, thanks alot!!

I just send you my video

cheers, viktor


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awesome! although my tricks kinda feel old now :D

The Void

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already got the first clips. I am getting hyped as the stuff I received is HOT!!! Just bring it and send more files... /


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Thanks mann!! I'm not at home these days but I'll send you mine as soon as possible :)


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Sent mine just now :)