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New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
« on: February 24, 2006, 10:25:13 pm »
I am going to try and start the University of Manchester’s Juggling Club again after it kind of fell apart last year. I’ve got all the paper work and all that jazz but I need help with these questions:

3.For how long?
4.Name (must be “Blah Blah Something here” Society but not Juggling Society as MUJS is already taken by the Anime Society)?
5.Does anyone from the University actually juggle and want to be secretary or treasurer?
6.Will you sign up (need to be from Manchester University)?

Anyone can come to the club and I’ll be able to get the 30 members (if you are at the University and want to join I’ll meet you so you can fill in the form, it’ll be free but you may need to pay for the actual sessions you come to) needed to set up a society but before I did anything official I thought I’d ask the “Manchester Lot” first. As you may know the more people that sign up the more money the society gets to spend so let’s try to get as many people as possible to sign up.



I'll be at Quirkus on Monday if you want to sign up.  If you don't know the way I can meet up at Booth Street next to the Spar at 6:30 or any where between Victoria Hall on Upper Brook Street and the Spar before hand, I'll show you the way; you'll need £2 to get in and a few quid for the bus there and back.  You don't have to do any extra work with the titles it just means if I can't do something then there is someone to fill in to pick up props or sign for a mini bus, just stuff like that; and I need someone to do both as you have to have them.  The current name ideas I’ve had are:

MUCS: Manchester University Circus Society,
MUPLS: Manchester University Prop Launching Society,



P.S. Don't tell anyone on here but you can Poi or staff in the club too.


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New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2006, 01:41:28 am »
Hey good topic. I am in exactly the same situation! UWE (Bristol) needs a juggling union and the previous club failed a few years ago.  Im hoping to set up a club for September 06 based around anything juggling related whether it be poi, staff, balls, club, diabolo etc. Sorry to take it away from your original post but any info is greatly appreciated this end as well.

30 members! A tad harsh me thinks.  We only need 15 this way so good luck with it man and hopefully we can seek each others advice come August time.

Fire away people...
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New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2006, 03:32:43 am »
The old Leeds way,

Get enough decent people about freshers week, do some fire juggling/spinning, sign up the people there and then (dont forget to get email details) get the subs of them then as well.
It doesnt matter then if only ten turn up you still have a healthy society on paper. (including your non juggling mates)
generally early doors you should have a fair number turning up the trick is keeping them.

Matt_H tells me the usual score early in the year is for all hands to make the effort to get skills into the newcomers early on spending part of each session on this before becoming antisocial and working on your own stuff. Also being sociable and welcoming so no running off to your favourite watering hole without dragging the new lot with you will help.
Email the stragglers when you have something special lined up (such as a convention) this will often bring them back in.

Bood luck with both socs lads.


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New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2006, 12:12:47 pm »
As in Manchester you don't have to pay to join a Society (and I still get £2 per a member that signs up) finding "30 jugglers" will be easy so the Society will be set up I just wanted to see how the "Manc Lot" would like there club to be.  At fresher’s week I'm sure my stand will catch the eye of quite a few people and I'll start it off by helping people and organising trips to all the other juggling clubs as it took me ages to find all the clubs.


Mark BMC

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New “Manchester Juggling” Society.
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2006, 01:52:40 pm »
I’m not sure, but I think I met you at the last Manchester juggling fest/convention if so SUP!

I go to man met [that’s right the less good one] but id be well up for helping out with the society in any way. I can also bring some of my juggling buds to boost numbers.

I posted about a new club in Manchester  a while ago but the people who ran that are a bit sketchy with running it every week.  A man uni club would be great. I know plenty of people who [cough poi] at man uni itself they would be up for it to.

I diabolo and wanna cigar box after watching silver creek vids

PM me if any of this interests ya

Mark [stuck in a world of 1d]