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Re: Re-newing your string
« Reply #40 on: October 29, 2008, 05:25:32 am »
I actually just played with this idea tonight.  I took some Dry Silicone Spray and saturated the string.  It made the string WAY too slippery.  I couldnt speed up the diabolo without 2-3 wraps!  I use original Circus. I think that I used way too much of the spray.  I will play with this idea because I think that if I keep the spray 3 feet away or so, it might renew the string to a perfect perfect level.  I will let you know.  The reason DRY silicone is used is because it repels dirt that could get into the string and make it ultra sticky in the near future.  This problem would happen with other types of sprays such as WD-40 or regular lubricants.  That is why you never use those lubes on skateboarding bearings or other high speed moving parts that may get dirty.  I will update this when I have it perfected.


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Re: Re-newing your string
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It isn't, MB yellow is better :P

Is that the yellow string that comes with xtreme sticks?