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troll (from Of Idiots and Diabolos)
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I can't believe someone would post something like this. As said before: remember when you did your first magic knot, or your first shuffle. I really love to read the 'I just learned'-topic when there are people totally exited over the over-the-arm-trick that they've just learned. That is what it's all about, improving and being happy with your progress.
I diabolo for one year now, and it's only the last month that I have the feeling the diabolo is becoming more and more an extension of my body. It takes time to become great, and we can not all be JiBe's and Priams.

So, keep posting everyone, if you are proud of what you've achieved and you want to show the world: I'd love to see it :)
some people think they are better because they can do something better