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SMF has some RSS feed options that weren't previously available with phpBB. Feeds are now available by individual board, by topic, and for member registrations.

There is some talk of what RSS is (as well as some descriptions of the old phpBB setup) in this thread. Still confused about RSS? Have a look around.

Before we get into details, if you just want the basics, the simplest forum feed is the following:
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent or  (depending on your RSS reader)


Now getting a bit fancier...
The following is modified from a useful thread on the subject:

Recent Posts (displays the most recent posts that you can see)
"Sub-action": recent
Default: Shows 5 most recent posts
Available options:
limit=x - display the "x" most recent posts (if number is less than 5, it will display 5. If number is larger than 255, it will display 255).
board=y - display only the recent posts from board "y"
Example: http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=12;limit=10

News (displays the first post from the most recent topics that you can see)
"Sub-action": news
Available options:
limit=x - display only "x" items
board=y - display only news topics from board "y"
Example: http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=news;board=12;limit=10

Members (displays most recent members)
"Sub-action": members
Available options:
limit=x - display only the "x" most recent members
Example: http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=members;limit=10


Some more examples you may find useful:
View all posts on the forum, starting with the last 50:

View the last 10 posts from specific boards on the forum:
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=10;limit=10 - I'm New
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=11;limit=10 - General
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=12;limit=10 - Tricks and Videos
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=16;limit=10 - Technical
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=17;limit=10 - VOTW
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=18;limit=10 - Tutorials
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=13;limit=10 - Gear
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=14;limit=10 - Community and Events
http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?type=rss2;action=.xml;sa=recent;board=15;limit=10 - Policy and Feedback

View posts from a selection of boards only (for ex. from Tricks and Videos, VOTW, and Tutorials):

You can use these same addresses (without the type=rss2 part) to add XML feeds to a website.

You think it's possible to make a vodcast (video podcast) of the VotW-videos? Would be great to use with my ipod!

Thnx in advance :)

Now there's a useful suggestion! I think that won't be too hard to do with iTunes. I'll look into it, as soon as we have a new VotW ;)

hmm yeah I can imagine new VotW's are necessary for this idea... ;)

I would absolutely thrive off iPod VotW's. Please do.


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