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Re: Bullied Over Diabolo? >>Checked First
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I don't understand why people would bring their spare time activities to school in the first place? School is for learning, not for juggling, skateboarding, or knitting (just had to throw that one in :)) . I'm not surprised people get annoyed by it. I show my friends every now and then, and a few others can juggle as well, and they think it's cool. Keep it as something special, instead of annoying people with it and/or showing off.

Just my thoughts on the matter.

Regardless of what people say being good at something (like diab) is a skill, and most of the time people do appreceate it, school is a perfect place to do that and yes a little bit of ego boosting is allways good.
School isnt only about text books its about the inviroment including breaktimes, scociolising, and friendship groupswhich is a good place to diab.

however this is only opinion.

**** fixed and bring on the slack!


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Re: Bullied Over Diabolo? >>Checked First
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To go back to what martijn said about taking your diabolo to school. Its also a good way to learn other diabolo'ers.

Eric Moffett

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Re: Bullied Over Diabolo? >>Checked First
« Reply #42 on: April 12, 2007, 03:47:00 am »
One of my friends who made fun of me over diabolo is now going to start diaboloing! LOL
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