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How many diabolos?

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I was watching the Diabology DVD and saw the brief shot they have of their diabolos in a pyramid.  36 diabolos in that particular picture, All Finesses apart from 2, 13 of which are white I think...  And that can't be all of them probably as they have Circuses as well.  Mr. Babache must love them.

I was wondering how many diabolos other people had and why you have that many.  I personally only have 3, one cheap toy one and 2 Henry's Beach and only use the latter (doing 2D atm).  I do intend to purchase 2 Finesses, hopefully in white or red.

Plus, estimates on how many diabolos the MFP do have?  All nine together, some "twin-wheel" craziness there.


p.s Does the Evo 4 show through all colours apart from blue Finesse?

I got 2 radient for my first diabolos about a year ago. I then proceded to get 2 circus cos they are better plus i bought a lumo circus for those UV moments. From here I got 2 Finesse which i love and recently i got a micro diabolo.

  Oh dear that makes 8 Diabolos!!!!!!!!   bit of a diabolo geek really. i only bin at it for 9months!

I have  
           - 2 MB Arlequino midi's (one of them is a cheap replica :? )
           - 2 Henry's Circus (blue/black)
           - 2 MB Finesses G2 (red)
           (planning to buy an other Finesse G2 (white))

I only diabolo with my Finesses since I bought them. Circus is now too heavy :P

We have:
4 MB harlequin large
5 Henry's Circus
6 MB finesse G2

our dad diabolos a little as well, and the harlequins were our first ones. THen we got 5 circus so nate can do 2 while Jacob does 3, then got 6 finnesse to have one extra, and for when nate does three (soon as the outdoors is of a temperature which my bare fingers can bear more than a few seconds  :lol: )

Somewhere in the 50-60 range, I think.  No, I don't know why - perhaps they've been breeding?


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