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chinese pirouette...
« on: January 03, 2008, 02:31:39 am »
i searched teh forum...couldnt find anything on chinese pirouette

how r u supposed to do it, which way do u spin, and how do u do it fast?
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Re: chinese pirouette...
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Ok first things first I don't think the trick you are after is actually called a Chinese pirouette because what that is is fairly close to a western piro but with different footwork but to do them just read the bit below about placing one foot behind or in front of the other, this gives you a stylish turn. Really you want to try them before moving onto the fancy big sun looking twirling across the stage described below.

Rightio, get good at simple Chinese catches (little pops of the string not high throws) and those catches where you bring the string over the top of a popped diabolo (like Jibe does in diabology when doing mini columns)

keep a tight string, let the diabolo come near your left hand, pop it up as you raise your right hand and continue that motion (with tight string) anticlockwise. Catch the diabolo near the right hand and let it slip towards the left.. repeat till you fall over.

It helps if you place your right foot behind and to the left of your left foot and pivot (pretty much) on both feet rather than trying to do a western style push of piroette.
As you complete the turn your right foot will be in front of and to the left of your left foot, you need to put the left foot behind the left foot again if you are doing multiple. (practice this without diabolos)

In reality you will just splodge the footwork and any classically trained Chinese diaboloist will treat you with contempt.

good luck with this one, it's tricky enough but not that hard in the grand scheme of things, also go and have a look at as many Chinese videos as you can find.


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Re: chinese pirouette...
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Brendan Brolly's Second Book of Diabolo (1993) is largely devoted to the Chinese style and he calls this move the Walking Pirouette. I don't know if the book is still available but it makes for an interesting read.

Anyway, I attempted them in my first vid (02:56) if would want to have a look. Please, please bear in mind that it was my first vid and the diabolo skills and editing are not ideal!  :-[