Author Topic: The evolution of the Finesse Diabolo is going on  (Read 15134 times)


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Re: The evolution of the Finesse Diabolo is going on
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A while back JC kindly sent me one of these (along with some other much appreciated goodies). Thought I'd jump in and mention just how much I'm enjoying it. The black hubs with white ring on orange cups looks incredible; the craftmanship is highly professional; and you get all the same benefits of these hubs as on the circus. These hubs, like the circus ones, are the absolute best for finger grinds (outside of Flys) and nothing else feels quite as soft on the string. Of course they're a bit wider, so you're trading a bit of slow speed stability for these benefits, but such is physics. In fact they become the exact same width as Flys or Suns.

Sorry if that sounds like an infomercial. I do really like them. I'm also loving the narrow width curved Circus hubs, but that's for another day and another thread.