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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #20 on: March 09, 2005, 10:25:49 pm »
nose push, self throw or what about distance 3 diabolo cascade between 2.   :twisted:

See you all there

Its got to be going home time. At least going to the pub time.

Mat Smiglarski

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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #21 on: March 10, 2005, 02:18:33 pm »
It looks like quite a lot will be going on during the night after the show in the hall.
Poker, DJ, Volleyclub tournament, and obviously a combat/gladiators marathon.
It's a massive gym, with basketball nets. Is there anything to keep diaboloists happy? How would diabolo basketball work?


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #22 on: March 10, 2005, 03:35:13 pm »
well after we take all the juglers money in poker we could do with some protection ;)

just some space and maybe the option of having some combat ourselves. I'm sure we will come up with something to occupy our time.

Basketball might be on the card as long as it wont kill the equipment.
If we have enough people I wouldn't mind haveing a go at diabolo ultimate (old hippy at heart).

I'm really looking forward to this convention.


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #23 on: March 10, 2005, 08:09:28 pm »
We've taken to having our meetings in our university sports hall too.  I shot a diabolo up in the air into a basketball hoop.  It went in, 3 points, but it got tangled up in the net and required 2 tall people, a juggling club and a devilstick to get it back down.  Fun, but a bit of an effort each time a point is made I guess,

Chiok - Gravity pulls down, we throw up.
University of Bath Juggling and Circus Skills


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #24 on: March 11, 2005, 12:03:26 pm »
Quote from: xfirebladex
I shot a diabolo up in the air into a basketball hoop.  It went in, 3 points, but it got tangled up in the net and required 2 tall people, a juggling club and a devilstick to get it back down.


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #25 on: March 13, 2005, 05:19:15 pm »
Quote from: seán_

I'm really looking forward to this convention.

glad to hear it mate, me too!!

i really wanna do a one diabolo trick swap session so put down that second (and third) diab and get practicin all ya 1d stuff!!
yea looks like plenty of games in the evenin, oh and were hoping to get free tea and coffee so bring a mug. again...


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #26 on: March 15, 2005, 08:07:56 pm »
There will definitly be an origami (paper-folding) workshop- we've bought loads of nice paper.

Workshop will cover some nice, easy basic models, then delve into some excellent modular models I've been learning recently- using many identical base models and building them into geometrical shapes like dohecahedrons.

Any one with experience in this, do bring along some models.

If there's enough interest we may get a group together to build giant models and decorations for the night time chill out space.

We've sent someone on a mission to acquire some LEDS/electrical stuff and, if they're successful, we'll get a group together to make atmospheric LED-powered origami lamps.

Luke Burrage

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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #27 on: March 21, 2005, 02:11:18 pm »
I just posted this elsewhere:

Thanks to everyone who helped put on Shefcon  2005. It was really good fun
and a very high quality convention. The bits I thought were good:

The hall - very big and never too crowded. Not many convention halls (in
the UK) are big enough to have sleeping space, a trampoline, a stage, a
vollyclub court, a traders stand, lots of seating and still have enough
space left over for two workshops and open juggling. The ceiling was very
high, high enough to never have to worry about it when playing volleyclub,
and high enough to do two skips and two pirouettes under a diabolo high

The workshops - origami turned out to be quite popular.

The games - it was fun not to join in and get people to do silly things

The Show - Arron did yoyo and comination tricks. Robin did clubs. Then
there was a knife throwing act with Richard. Nick and Dave did 1 diabolo,
then 2 diabolos, then 3 diabolo passing, then Dave did 3 diabolos by
himself... very impressive. Then it was me juggling clubs and balls in
various measures. Void did some funky 3 hat juggling. Norbi rounded off
the first half with his techy ring routine. Goronwy was the compere, and
for the second half in introduced Jouni and Victor, the Good Looking
Jugglers. They did about 30 minutes of technical juggling mixed with
bizarre random humour. I liked th act a lot, the inexplicable comedy more
than the technical juggling, and it was slightly let down by the faulty
music. Victors 3 ball juggling was a highlight for me. They should really
warm up before they go on stage though. Over all the show was top notch,
but then I would say that...

You could buy stuff - Beard was trading juggling equipment. There was tea
and coffee and other hot drinks all day and night. Also the was a
vegan/organic food stall open a lot of the time selling a large range of
wraps and rolls and caks and fruit. Normally the vegan/organic label means
"not very tasty or filling" but the food on sale was very nice and there
was plenty of it.

The bit after the show - Normally the show marks the end of a convention.
At Shefcon the hall is open all night for sleeping, juggling and playing.
I stayed up until about 5am.

Sunday - I didn't do much at all. I did go out for some food at a pub and
ate too much. And played more volleyclub. And played with my new set of
three Finesse G2 diabolos.

Um... some more personal bits....

High - The late night Volleyclub and Gladiators sessions. There were so
many great moments during these games, one of my favourites being Tom's
huge volleyclub return that crossed the width of the hall and dropped
through a basketball hoop.

Low - Waking up and finding out I hadn't slept as long as I had hoped to.
Or maybe the moment I climbed off the trampoline and noticed jumping about
had given me a headache.

Goal - I was meant to help out on the day with workshops and the games. I
did that and bit more and got a pink tshirt for my troubles.

Crush - I could say Jason for bringing me food after game of Volleyclub
but I have to say Cat, the bringer of such good food to the convention.

Bain - I was on my feet all day on Saturday. By the end of the convention
they were really aching. Damn my new shoes.

Surprise - After all the tough talk here on rec.juggling I imagined Jouni
and Victor were going to kick our arses at volleyclub. It turned out they
weren't very good. Maybe they weren't entirely sober. I kicked Jouni's
arse at combat too.

I know I've been to a good convention when I come home feeling ill. Right
now I'm very fragile.


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #28 on: March 21, 2005, 07:26:43 pm »
I am aching, I can hardly move but I'm all glowy. Sheffcon was so much fun. Thanks to Matt Smiglarski and the rest of the Sheffield jugglers for putting on such an awesome convention and thanks to Luke for running the games and giving others the chance to win some ;).

Lukes covered a lot in his post so I'll just add my thoughts to that.

Huge hall and so much going on, at some conventions you find that you have to stop doing what you want to do because of size constraints oryou miss out because things are spread about severall room, not at Sheffield though.

Juggling went on for me after the show untill about 6 am, Norbi, the young scamp, kept going and was still going through the next day. There were a lot of diaboloists there and the workshops were well attended. Nik was doing great 1d tricks and kept doing them and swapping them with people such as Spink (who picked up a scary amount of tricks) untill the small hours of the morning. I had one of my most productive sessions of diaboloing in ages and even I came up with some new 1d tricks.

Dave P ran a good 2d workshop that I got roped into (gladly) it was good seeing how many wanted to pick up how to do two. Daves 3d workshop was great, It concentrated on the exercises he developed to help him learn 3 in such a short time, his thoughts will definately help me there I believe. (some of these excersises are in the 3diabolo help thread)

As Luke said the food was great, very filling and a break from meat and processed food probably did me some good. having tea and coffee available in pint pots was also a good move.

I'm going to leave it there as my mind is still in a daze from such a great weekend, hopefully I'll be recovered by the BJC.

Part 2.
I really enjoyed the show, a good variety of acts. Norbi did his great ring routine, luke had a new act working his way down from six clubs with a mixture of clubs and balls that I really enjoyed. Nik and Dave P shared the stage and did 1d, 2d, passing and Dave finnished with a pass into 3 low. the final act was good apart from the music and a bit droppy. Norbi and luke mention that they didn't really get warmed up which was a pity since the stuff they did after the show and the next day was amazing. (foot balance, kick up to head balance whilst juggling 4 footballs going into 5 one thing that comes to mind).

The cheesiest stringclimb contest didn't happen but a bit of a renegade version happened the next day, Barnesy and Dave P looked like there oldschool skills would have stood them in good stead for this, I think they had been practicing ;), we'll see what we can come up with at a future convention.

I went to the second venue and after the church service was chucked out had a great session with the teapot lot, I left at about 9 just in time not to fall asleep at the wheel on the way home.

We'll have to arange some exchanges between the Leeds and Sheffield lot, we're only half an hour or so apart.
Thanks to Mat and Luke for letting people know about our convention, we have a lot to live up to after the amazing conventions that have been on recently.


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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #29 on: March 22, 2005, 01:48:40 pm »
This was my first convention i have been to and i must say WOW!!!!!!

It was absolutley amazing so many cool people in one place.

I travelled up from sunny pontefract and ended up getting lost in sheffeild so i didn't end up getting to the con until 2pm, which meant i missed the 1d and 2d workshops.

Addmittedly i was pretty gutted at first but then it dawned on me, everybody was so eager to share and teach tricks. :D  

I had myself a 12 hour workshop with everybody there   :lol:

Thanks to all the people responsible for the event, food stalls, show and directions to the off licence!.

Special thanks to Nik showing me his 1d secrets and sean_ for staying up till 5am figuring out all manner of trickery with me(I'm close to an integral variation thanks to you).

/crawls to bed to catch up on sleep
3rd Base + Hubstacks =

Dave P

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Shefcon 2005!!
« Reply #30 on: March 22, 2005, 03:49:30 pm »
Wow, that was quite a weekend, from sitting up til 2 putting the juggling world to rights with luke on Friday night through stage shifting, workshopping and games on Saturday, great show Sat night followed by Norbi and friends high throw pirouette/skipping challenge (was it 4 or 5 under 1 up?), nice chilled Sunday, russian technique workshop with Jouni, then on to our usual juggling hall for a four hour session, back on the job Monday shifting the stage back followed by a casual juggle in the park and a last pint down the pub with the organisers and the good looking jugglers.
All in all a supurb event, Big thanks to Matt for holding everything together!