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American Youth Circus Organization
« on: June 22, 2005, 03:54:02 am »
The American Youth Circus is holding a festival in august 2005. They try to be very circus oriented, but they end up focusing way to much on aerial and acrobatic circus skills. Each year there is less and less juggling, particulary diabolo. My youth circus will be attending (I am the only diabolist in it), and I plan to affect as much diabolo interest as I can at the AYCOfest, with the hope of bringing a few acro/aerial kids to our side of the proverbial circus skill fence. While trying to convert some performers to diabolo, I'll also be seeking out other current diabolists there, as well as attending every diabolo workshop I can.

Here's to keeping diabolo alive in the circus!

And here's a link to the AYCO's website.


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American Youth Circus Organization
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Good luck Nathan

I know the US is a big place but maybe some of the west coast diaboloists could make that.

just thought it might be an idea to mention the dates and location
August 24-28, San Francisco, CA
hosted by Circus Center San Francisco