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Favourite Diabolo Poll 2009

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For the last 3 years we have been running a poll on people's favourite diabolos. As new diabolos get introduced each year, it will be interesting to be able to track how preferences change over time.

Vote for your favourite diabolo, and if you wish, add a short message about why you prefer that diabolo.

You have 1 vote and won't be able to see the running total until you vote; however, you will be able to change your vote up until this poll closes on December 31st 2009.

Finesse with a normal axle cos they're just better than all the others. :p

P.S. The voting options don't account for the different versions of the finesse, G1, G2, G3. Possibly not worth changing, but thought i'd mention it, some people might have a preference.

this is best suited for those who have tried a variety of diabolo brands, im yet to try taibolos so ill leave my vote with suns

i'll vote later when i get some taibolos

Circus!! perfect weight...

but I want to play more with finesses...


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