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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #40 on: November 19, 2005, 10:45:21 pm »
I’m famous :D – I performed at the start of the second half as ‘two cups and an axle’ – Zack Turner, Chris Cabry, Josh Turner and me (Marc Cabry). The show was amazing, the whole day was amazing. I can’t wait till next year. Norbi I loved your new ring routine. Bill, you are a contact staff God. Jon Udry your club routine was very spinney, i liked it . Matthew Tiffany your 7 ball run and Site Swaps were fantastic. Seán your suit was very stylish and your routine was of top quality. Paul Taylor your 3BBB was of very high standard. Scott and Simon, Impressive club passing. Sharon, superb. Vux your diabolo skills are unquestionably artistic. Zyllan, another astonishing performance. Tempei :shock:  what can I say………… is there anything you can’t do?
I would just like to say a big thank you to Naomi for organising an amazing convention.


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #41 on: November 20, 2005, 12:13:14 am »
I second that! Great day toped off with a fantastic show  :D *whistles singing in the rain*


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #42 on: November 20, 2005, 08:27:47 pm »
I third that, great day, great people, great show.  Sorry I didn't get to stay behind after the show to tell all the people who took part how great their performances were but yeah, they were all fantastic...loved how you put your special ring to use, Norbi  :wink:


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #43 on: November 20, 2005, 09:30:09 pm »
tempei was awsome. tempei!


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #44 on: November 21, 2005, 01:01:21 am »
Wicked day! and a quality night to finish it all off! Vux n Tempei are legends! Seeing them jam in the bars was worth the trip to leeds alone!

Thanks again to Paul for the crash space!

Didnt like the 7 HOUR DRIVE BACK THOUGH!!! Bloody M1! we covered about 150miles in 3 hours then it took another 4 hours to make about 10miles!!! ARSE!

Anyway! Big congrats to all who organised and helped sort out the day! Nice one



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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #45 on: November 21, 2005, 02:12:37 am »
The whole day out was simply amazing. Really glad to actually meet people in person. Ty for all the tips Sean. =)
The games were fun. Lots of variations on good old 3c gladiator. (Really should learn chops...) Yay for coming 3rd in three-ball endurance. Finally an excuse to kick over some kids.  :oops:
The show was awe-inspiring; each and every act had an element of originality or style. Lots of ideas acquired. everyone seemed to have a neat 2d start of their own. I'll have to invent one.
Was especially impressed by Zyllan- and Tempei's performances. Very well orchestrated. (Despite the sound-tech's confusion :lol:)

Bring on EJC 2006! :D (Ireland, wahey!)


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #46 on: November 21, 2005, 11:37:39 am »
I suppose i could start...

High - Definitely hanging out in 'Japonic' i think it's called (a Japanese
bar/noodle parlour) at 2am
after the convention with Jon, Angus and Tempei. That was really cool, not
really much more to say, it
was just wicked.

Low - Hmmm... The squat party before Japonic :-P (am i allowed to have highs/lows about things that happened just after the convention?) Although i'd been brought up on them, i just didnt like the environment at all. Then Tempei turned up and said he wanted to leave, woo hoo.

Crush - Tempei? I think that's pretty obvious. I spent a bit of time with
him at EJC, then a little more at Durham. But it was really great to spend so much time with him at Leeds, he's such a cool guy, can't wait for WJF.

Goal - Impress some people with a half finished routine. I think to think
i succeeded

Bane - My lack of ability to juggle 'numbers' on stage. My hands shake
like crazy on stage (if anyone has advice on how to reduce this, PLEASE help) so it's really hard to keep hold of rings. It shows a little bit with the lower numbers, but 5 and 6 are just annoying! Luckily it doesnt really affect flashes ;-)

Oh, and thank you to everyone that helped make it happen, it was amazing as a convention, let alone a one-dayer (although not quite enough space, but hey, who expected so many jugglers [what was the final count?]). The show was wicked, it's a shame Tempei changed from clubs to balls at the last minute, i would have liked to have seen him perform clubs. Tis also a bit shame the lighting crew couldntstop pissing around with the lights and actually start listening to what the performers wanted, but that didnt affect me too much. But a great convention space, nice distance from town, really nice buildings around it, nice doughnuts, nice people, etc... And a hyper-mega thanks to Tiff for a crash space and breakfast.


p.s. I can't believe I dropped after 4 catches on the 5 ball endurance!


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« Reply #47 on: November 21, 2005, 01:34:42 pm »
I'm just about recovered.

Thanks to everyone that turned up, I only wish I had got the chance to speak to more of you than I did. Thanks to Naomi and the Leeds Jugglers for setting up a convention even closer to home than usual. :)

My day

Got a call from Spink to see if I could give him a lift, glad to, we had a bit of a natter and I 'diaboloed' whilst Spink 'played' before we hit the road.

We bumped into a big group of juggly types from Warwick and Hull who were lost which was embarrasing for two reasons 1) as I helped organise I felt guilty. 2) I was lost as well. Luckily I saw two studious types and asked the way in this fashion 'excuse me mate, do you know where the sports centre is, of course not because your Dave P and you are famous' Sorry for not recogising you and Liz Dave but thanks for knowing where it was.

Mad amount of people had turned up, I was heartened to see so many people had turned up. space started to free up as people started to use the workshop rooms.

Nice to see so many people pulling out all the stops with diabolo during Zacks workshop/trickshare little pockets of people working on different things. Jons sfan escape jumps to mind, as does one (beginner he said) 2d trash web.

I went to the physio workshop after that, it took up 2 hrs but was time well spent since I know it will help sort out my back and also improve how I juggle (thasnks Alan). My back has been a worry recently, I have thrown it out twice since halloween, it really put a cramp on practice and the tricks I could put in my routine, I went as far as arranging for Kat to have a backup act ready (thanks Kat).

after a LOT of tech, people started to come in for the show. I was nervous, it was the first time I had been in a main juggler show.
I think It went OK for me, my costume went down better than my usual 'bag of **** tied on with string' look. I'm hoping to develop the routine more and use it as my work routine, doing more with the brolly and maybe bringing in more props and better motion and choreography. I have yet to see it but I do recall droping a few times, amongst others on 2 high (wtf) and a simple pop up to hand catch finish. I'm not sure what went on exactly, i'm yet to see a video of it, I hope the Ponte lads got it on film or anyone else.
Of the planned homage to diaboloists I managed Seans 2d helicopter start, didnt put in Norbis knot theory sprinkler or Barnesys Herr Flikk.
I have just about stopped hearing the music now as well ;)

Glad to see 2cups up there, congrats on getting up there and congrats on the 3low on stage (and the sun of stage i hear)

Amazing to see Tempei do his Japanese style diabolo madness on stage, the Lad is really nice and is definately way up there on the multi prop stakes.

Vux was unworldly, I really enjoyed watching him and thanks for the cigs when I needed them most. I thought you would get the vertx lay down genocide and I apreciated the try of 2d vertax as well.

I realloy enjoyed seeing the other acts as well, a pleasure to be involved. I wont go into the non diabolo stuff as this is getting very long.

after a cold fire session (curl and a buzzshaw with fire devilstick) amazing to see Bill the contact staff bloke doing all his stuff with vast trails of fire, we went to a small bar and I had a great time sitting next to Tiff as he started to juggle 4 balls bounced over the shoulder agaist the wall, he went on from there till he reached a 9 ball flash under a stupidly low ceiling. Tempei and vux turned up and srated to amaze people with there diaboloing. That was a cool session

Pity I didnt get to Japanic sounds like you had a good time there Norbi.
The squat party was a bit strange and a litle bit 'mweh?' I'll agree, it was the first time I'd been to an Aspire Squat in the night. I got into it though and was glad to have a chance to keep diaboloing and juggling since I didn't do that much during the day. (Andy seemed to have such a good time he spent half an hour looking for his jacket he was allready wearing.).

Thanks again to everyone who helped to run it, who perfoirmed and who came along for the day, I hope to see you next year.

Sean_ (sorry for length)

Mikes photos http://photobucket.com/albums/y103/mikebridge/
Jochens http://seehuhn.de/photo/


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #48 on: November 22, 2005, 05:33:54 pm »
just like to say it was an awsome day and a awsome show. and thanks to  Naomi for organising the whole convention
zack turner


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Leeds Juggling Festival
« Reply #49 on: November 23, 2005, 12:14:09 pm »
Yeah it was a great day. Thanks to Sean_ for lending me his Circi before I went to get my Christmas present (Finesse! Yeah!) Shame I had to leave before the  show. The squatter's party sounded crazy too. Can't wait for the next one



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Re: Loooooooooooooooooooooong
« Reply #50 on: November 25, 2005, 12:17:08 pm »
Quote from: seán_
I'm just about recovered.
I have yet to see it but I do recall droping a few times, amongst others on 2 high (wtf) and a simple pop up to hand catch finish. I'm not sure what went on exactly, i'm yet to see a video of it, I hope the Ponte lads got it on film or anyone else.

I think i managed to record 3/4 of your act, i had stop recording becuase my arm was aching so much after the days diaboloing. Also i realised i was missing a lot of the act trying to film it.

Ill upload it when i get home, (or when i remember)

oh, this is me, you may or may not remember me.