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Carbon Fiber Sticks Seem Too Easy
« on: January 15, 2010, 06:42:30 pm »
I am not trying to start a flame war here, but I often find myself wondering about whether or not technological advances in diabolo/string/stick design and fabrication are actually good for the sport (I think diaboloing qualifies as a sport.) I spent my childhood in Taiwan (missionary parents) and I played with the Chinese yoyo. I recently got into diaboloing after googling the Chinese yoyo on a nostalgic whim. One thing that I noticed is that the diabolo is much easier to operated than the traditional Chinese yoyo. The reasons for this were obvious. The diabolo benefits from much more precise and stable design and the superior quality and properties of modern synthetic materials. In comparison to the Chinese yoyo, working the diabolo felt like bowling with the bumpers up to keep the ball out of the gutter. IE, it almost felt like it was impossible to screw up, like riding a bicycle with training wheels. I almost feel like technology has cheapened things.

And the sticks have come a long way too. My carbon fiber sticks almost never fail to dump knots and cradles where as to successfully shed knots and cradles from wooden sticks required a bit more finesse in order to get the string past the stick ends where the string is tied off. And with the carbon fiber sticks, I can grind forever.

And I won't even begin to go into bearings.

But then I let my wife and sister-in-law try the diabolo out and I quickly realized that it actually still does require a lot of skill and practice. I guess, as with any sport that relies heavily on equipment, you are left asking whether the participants are getting better or whether the equipment is getting better. I guess this is just my inner luddite rearing his ugly head. 


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Re: Carbon Fiber Sticks Seem Too Easy
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 09:55:07 pm »
The whole ''bowling with the bumpers'' argument doesn't make that much sense... for me. Diabolo isn't a game that requires you to score points, like bowling. Form your argument would follow that you ''cheat'' the game by using technological superior equipement. I think you should see diabolo in a more artistic way, the technological improvements enable the diabolist to create better/more beautiful/nicer stuff. The technological improvements are not there to make it easier to achieve some pre-set boundaries, but to explore the boundaries even more.

Oh, and bearings aren't always better, some tricks aren't even possible with bearings...
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Re: Carbon Fiber Sticks Seem Too Easy
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2010, 10:21:01 pm »
I agree with Marjin, the advances in technology don't remove the skill require to explore the artform of diabolo. 

Nobody would say that Lance Armstrong isn't a good cyclist because his bike makes it easy for him.  In the same way, the newer diabolos don't make today's diaboloists less skilled. 

It is true that some tricks are easier with diabolos, but it just means, as Marjin said, that we can push the boundaries further than they ever have been pushed before.



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Re: Carbon Fiber Sticks Seem Too Easy
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2010, 10:59:30 pm »
agreeing with Marijn too. Better higher technology equipment is not a bad thing. Maybe it makes certain aspects of dropping a knot easyer but it pushes the boundaries of diabolo even further. If the boundaries are pushed, dropping a knot will be considered easyer still. The thing with "riding a bike without extra wheels" doesnt make sence. these tricks still require the same amount of technical skill in my eyes.

to be honest, this is actually the same thing as saying that it is cheating if you fish with carbon fibre rods and so, instead of a big stick with a piece of line tied to the end. Of course it makes it easyer to catch the small fishes but it also allows us to catch much bigger fishes than ever before.

Hope i make sence.


(Edit. Thinking of high-tec equipment I thought about the Fly. A bearing diabolo is as high-tec as it gets right now. I am not excited about it but I welcome the fact that it can open up for more stuff. As long as diabolo stays at the point of having no electricity required i will be happy. BUT, if Sundia takes it a step further and makes a diabolo with batterys I wont be peaceful.)
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