May 28, 2018, 10:44:17 pm by Wis | Views: 443 | Comments: 1

This is the link to the whole list of videos (to make the link work copy paste and remove the space in ww[space]w.)


As an example the winners of different categories

Krauser Young, you are amazing, thanks a million for recording the biggest amount of diabolo performance videos in the WHOLE world!

1 Diabolo Fixed

1 Diabolo Bearing

2 Diabolos Fixed

2 Diabolos Bearing

3 Diabolos

1 Diabolo Vertax
May 27, 2018, 08:27:32 pm by Marko | Views: 466 | Comments: 2

So here's the back story:

There was a time when it was difficult to find any videos online. Your sources pretty much were animations (not many back then), diarythms gifs, few clips the mad french posse released prior to diabology, really rare clip of Guy Heathcote of doing 3d low and some Donald Grant books etc. We noted that it would be good to collect lots of material in to one dvd and release that. This way one wouldn't have to use their modem connections on isdn's to slowly download videos on their computers. You could just easily watch the dvd and have loads of material to practice.

The dvd wouldn't have to be tutorial videos since from a video it's really easy to figure out a trick. Well compared to text versions that explained geno trick the first time (which we thought was just madness). Needless to say lot has changed since and you know how things are nowadays. It's been good 15 years since we did this. The diabology was a massive release that changed pretty much the game. So I have to admit that it kinda did overshadow our dvd quite a bit. But nevertheless we did put loads of effort and this was top notch tech back then and lots of tricks are still very difficult to land.

It's about time to give this out for free, hope you like it ;) Oh it's so much better with those 3D glasses one might get from cerial boxes, if you have those, definitely wear them!

May 11, 2018, 12:15:45 am by Wis | Views: 657 | Comments: 4

Absolutely beautiful creative madness. Featuring the first 6 diabolos low assisted flash + 1 catch I have seen in my life
Insane. Thanks, guys, for filming this
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