December 02, 2019, 12:21:37 pm by Wis | Views: 2826 | Comments: 0

Laylay spent some time in Wrocław after the @ejc2019 and BB wanted a video with Tinkie, so... Ta-daaaa!. We hope you enjoy the result!

Or Instagram TV

Edited by Nando. Filmed by Tinkie. Concept and artwork by BB. Executive production by Pinkie. Credit for doing nothing by Wis.
November 18, 2019, 06:25:56 pm by Wis | Views: 2691 | Comments: 0

The Russian week!
November 18, 2019, 02:24:06 pm by Wis | Views: 1137 | Comments: 1

Congratulations to Marat Akhmetzhanov, IDA vice-president, for his hard work keeping this tournament for 7 editions!
The impact on the growth in the Russian community is immense.
Cheers to all the dreamers that keep dreaming through years!
See the original post in the International Diabolo Association Facebook page

The official results of the VII Russian Diabolo Championship: 💪

🏆 Champion of 7th Russia Diabolo Championship 🏆
Bogdan Andreev (Ulyanovsk) 👏👏👏

🏆Category STAGES🏆
1 Place Bogdan Andreev (Ulyanovsk)
2 Place Maxim Sinyaev (Samara)
3 Place Andrey Matveev (Moscow)
4 Place Veniamin Baryshev (St. Petersburg)

Special Prize I.D.A. Duet Tatyana Sviridova and Igor Pritykin (Moscow)
Special Prize I.D.A. Duet Yulia Karnukhina and Dmitry Susik (Cherepovets)
Special Prize I.D.A. Duet Daniil Alles and Anna Loskutova (Gatchina)
Special Prize I.D.A. Maria Lomanova (St. Petersburg)
Special Prize I.D.A. Kristina Smirnova (St. Petersburg)
Special Prize I.D.A. Victor Khramtsov (St. Petersburg)
Special Prize I.D.A. Alexey Stein (Nizhny Novgorod)
Special Prize I.D.A. Maxim Tumashov (Glazov)

🏆Category PROPS🏆
1 Place Igor Pritykin (Moscow)
2 Place Daniil Abdyushev (Tula)
3 Place Maxim Sinyaev (Samara)

1 Place Galanskaya Vasilisa (St. Petersburg)
2 Place Veronika Aksenova (Ulyanovsk)
3 Place Maxim Zakharov (Ulyanovsk)

Special Prize I.D.A. Tatyana Melchakova (Kursk)
Special Prize I.D.A. Victor Khramtsov (St. Petersburg)
Special Prize I.D.A. Baryshnikova Valeria (Ulyanovsk)
Special Prize I.D.A. Ella Kreutzer (St. Petersburg)
Special Prize I.D.A. Lera Kazeeva (Gatchina)
Special Prize I.D.A. Makar Zhonler (Gatchina)

Link for the photo that will get lost with time:
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