May 28, 2010, 06:01:08 pm by Sean | Views: 23547 | Comments: 30

The following are the 100 most viewed video threads on (as of May 2010) from an analysis of the forum database. It shows the 100 most viewed video threads after controlling for the trend of overall thread views over time. It only includes videos from the main video section. Older videos are going to have a lower average views/day since they've been around for a lot longer. Newer videos are going to have a higher than average views/day. Some years there were more people using the forum than others. This analysis picks out the 100 videos (the red dots) that deviate the most from this trend (the red line). The trend line was derived from a generalized additive model using the mgcv package in R.

Update February 28 2013: A plot with the top 180 videos from 2004–2012:

Note the log scaled vertical axis.
The second plot doesn't precisely match the tables below. I ran the 2010–2013 analysis separately because I didn't want to touch the original table as posted.

Some of the usernames need to be changed to reflect the actual creator of the video. Also, I think it could benefit from a handcrafted section highlighting some of the great videos before the forum started. Suggestions for those? Two Loose in Toulouse for sure...

Niels, 10 year old BelgianNiels2004-11-27
Quentin Bancel - 3 Diabolo JugglingQuentin2004-11-30
Loop string videobarnesy2004-12-16

Ryo Yabe at WJFnorbi2005-01-11
israeli nike video!AssaF2005-05-05
Ryo Yabe WJF Profile VideoAndy S2005-08-04
Feel Good Inc.Dai2005-08-20
FEDC03 results (and Makky, Saito & others videos)sean_2005-08-27
Video to celebrate the 10000th post!Arjan2005-09-03
T.S.T!! my new vidéoTahia2005-09-25
Czech Freestyle competition Ladronka 2005 edited videoCZ UFO Peci2005-10-01
Drop And Changediabolumberto2005-10-04
"Shirtless Man Doing Diabolo", by Jacob SharpesSharpes2005-10-06
Favourite videosguppygould2005-11-26
The Best of Circusplanet 2005Martijn2005-12-03

Silver Cr
May 27, 2010, 03:36:46 am by Catjar | Views: 3066 | Comments: 13

Here's my new video I named it Hypnodog.
I'm not so good at 2d that's why there's only one trick with 2d.

EDIT: now it's on JTV too. - Hypnodog.
May 26, 2010, 09:48:39 am by mrvux | Views: 3248 | Comments: 14

Hello, thought would share that one as my new show is (almost) ready, so won't be doing this one for a while.

Was filmed in Rennes convention 2008. Full length show, no editing.

Light is not great, but still pretty watcheable :)

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