January 23, 2019, 01:25:33 pm by Wis | Views: 534 | Comments: 5

THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL OF YOU. I will write to each of you personally! (tight with time lately). I am frontpaging this for you to see my Thanks and because I think the Motivating message in this is amazing, and I want it to reach all of you.
I would like to underline that there is a lot of people making big efforts for the diabolo community and that all of them deserve motivation and gratefulness. I hope they feel this video as a big THANK YOU to ALL of them.

Hi guys, I had birthday on 19th of January and Fernando Kowarik decided to ask diabolo players around the world to make a diabolo collaboration video for me!

I was truly shocked. I have spent a lot of hours invested in the diabolo community, and sometimes it is hard, you doubt yourself, you are not so sure why you are doing it. Any kind of positive feedback is amazing, I remember the Almere EJC diabolo.ca meeting, and all the positive feedback I got there. That helped me a lot.

This last 6 months were hard and I was needing some motivation. What you guys made, may just have saved me :)

So please, continue motivating others to do what they love, as I always tried to do, in diabolo or in whatever. I RESPECT PASSION.

This is not about me, more than about motivating your friends, colleagues, anybody you meet. If they do what they love they will be happier, smile more, and you will see it and benefit from it. All this is obvious, probably, but I forget about it. Maybe you don't, I hope so, none of us should forget it.

The list of participants in the first comment to avoid flooding the frontpage.
January 22, 2019, 03:42:51 pm by Crackers | Views: 316 | Comments: 2

Hi everyone!

Wanted to do something with all the unused clips I've recorded over the years.
I'll be uploading other stuff in different formats in the upcoming months.
Most of it is a bit outdated now, but I still like some of the ideas and felt they were worth sharing.
Hopefully doing this will give me the motivation to pick up my diabolos again.

This one is from September 2014. I wanted to see if my phone (iphone 4 at the time) was good enough to film with. Ended up with theses clips. Some of the material ended up in String Theory with Michal, and WET with Thomas and Etienne.
It contains one of my favorite combo (00:57-01:12), which I hope I'll film better someday.

I'll add the next videos to this topic.
Hope you'll like it
January 16, 2019, 10:00:31 pm by MartinJ | Views: 397 | Comments: 3


So in love.... Definetly one of the best videos I have seen in a long time :o
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