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Title: Chalk/Rosin?
Post by: wgm on August 29, 2017, 06:44:25 PM
Whaddup kids

So I've recently started performing in a tent, and I've found that the extra humidity from being outside is making my four diabolo start almost impossible. My hands get too sweaty by that point in the act, and the diabolos slip from my fingers before I can finish my throw. I was thinking about putting chalk or rosin on my hands, but it makes me nervous. In the one diabolo part of my act, I touch the diabolo a lot with my hands and I'm worried that chalk would get on the axle and eventually the string.

I was wondering what you all have done to deal with sweaty hands in performance? Has anyone found something that doesn't make the string gross?
Title: Re: Chalk/Rosin?
Post by: Ronnie on August 29, 2017, 10:41:33 PM
Yannoe there's a reason I refer to Pieter Slachmuylders as the god of the grip  ;) At the EJC 2016 in Almere he introduced me to using liquid chalk for long diabolo sessions and it worked like a charm. I'm used to using chalk from rock climbing so my hands have tough skin anyway but I imagine if you are just beginning you should be prepared to get some blisters. Either way like I said it's a brilliant solution, the liquid just sticks to your hands and doesn't even transfer to the stick if you let it dry
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