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Title: Jannis - ACAPA Research & Performance Project 1 - “slowness“
Post by: Jannis on December 17, 2019, 07:08:07 AM
My first upload since 6 years  :-D
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I recently joined Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Arts to study contemporary Circus. This was our first Research and Performance Project after 3 months of studying circus full time, and my theme was "slowness". The following is the introduction of the concept I made before I physically started working on the performance:

Research & Performance Project 1

In the traditional circus diabolo is mostly a fast paced, flashy and vivaciously presented skill. And that’s also how I’ve used to do my performances so far.

Now I want to explore the opposite. Diabolo is very calm and relaxing for me and I want to show that on stage too.

So I will do a slow pace diabolo performance that revolves around the idea of slowness in context of rhythm.
I want to make both diabolo tricks that are naturally slow, and diabolo tricks that are fast by default, fit into a slower pace performance.

Theme / Subject:

Slowness and tempo changes. Slowing fast pace tricks down with body movement and other tools and including them with slow tricks in the context of a slower pace performance.

Title: Re: Jannis - ACAPA Research & Performance Project 1 - “slowness“
Post by: Wis on December 31, 2019, 10:50:04 AM
Super nice stuff with style!

I wrote you feedback privately but I want to post so people now it is worth posting and asking for feedback :)

I wrote that for me those slow accelerations would look better looking at the audience from the beginning of each of them. More of a personal opinion.
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