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Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: seán_ on August 28, 2006, 05:20:46 AM
Hi, dont ask me why (i'm not sure myself) but I'm driving with a street performer to Romania from England this thursday.

An idea was possibly to break the Journey up with some busking.
I'm still not sure of the route we will be going but Cologne, (Koln) Vienna and Budapest have came up.

I've heard that Budapest doesn't allow street shows but I wondered if anybody had any information on the other two cities or other places we should consider. Information about spots, need for permits, what is and isn't allowed would be great.

Also I've stumbled across this
31st August - 2nd September, 2006 Ptuj International Street Performers Competition 2 Ptuj  http://www.odprtomesto.com/

Anybody know anything about this.

All help gratefull received. this is a pretty short notice thing I've ended up with.

Any general ideas of things of interest along the possible route might be good as well. (arts festivals carnivals etc)
Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: fredo on August 28, 2006, 04:03:43 PM
Oh, when you're in Germany, come to the "verkehrte Convention" (http://pyramidal.kleinkunst-ka.de/index_en.htm) from the 1st to the 3rd sept.! Some great acts in the public show; Norbi, Jonglissimo, Markus Furtner and Tony will come  :wink:  and of course a whole bunch of people from the German forum...

btw, is that date written correctly? Need to know sometime... :P
Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: JC on August 28, 2006, 07:12:52 PM

I think you could make a break in Karlsruhe,
it lies on your way,
the conventions there are always nice,
hope we have better weather on Friday.
Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: seán_ on September 08, 2006, 07:08:36 PM
Ok, just back from my mamoth road  trip. (coming up to 3500 miles).
I'm going to prattle on about it a bit because a few peolpe have allready been in touch about how it went and this will save me the stress of reliving it too often.

It didnt look like i'd make Karlrushe but since we couldnt find a way into Cologne we decided to pop in.

Thanks to Marc Cabry and Zack for texting us the directions.
It seemed like a really nice convention and its a pity i didnt get to stay for the show. Tony didnt  make it but Vux turned up (a pleasure as always). Norbi was there but since we had to leave before the show i missed his act.
 Nice to meet some more German diaboloists, (including JC), all very nice and helpfull. I thought I might have seen dome more of the diaboloists I met in Berlin, but I realise  now the size of Germany. The 2008 EJC there  should be great. Karlsruhe is a lovely place.

 We got a german translation for Darylls street show, which is great, its a lot harder to do a show without any patter. Thanks to Jules especially there.

Getting to see Romania was a real eyeopener. Its the harshest place i've been to. we were based in the countryside and there wasnt a lot of wealth on show. nice to brighten up a few kids summer though.

Trip back was epic. Held up for an hour at Hungarian customs (really fit border guardette though :) she liked my monkey). we had to do a little demo to smooth our way through there.
I ended up in Vienna by taking a wrong turn. it looks great and its on my list of places to hit next time i'm travelling over there.
In Austria the fuel filter fell off on the Autobahn dumping half a tank of diesel in over the engine. 4 hrs of waiting about and a 150 euro charge for a 5 minute job hurt a lot.
Trying to make up time we got pulled by the German motorway police, no explanation just a 'follow me' to a service station, 'get out' 'papers' (followed by the worrying snap of rubber gloves).
2 hrs of bull**** in the blazing sun as they (4 car loads) made us empty the complete contents of the van for a very efficient search. We got scrapetested for drugs and the main chap attacked the flooring with a screwdiver. All over they left us with piles of crap in a carpark severely pissed off and very  late for the ferryand with a complete look of confusion an not finding anything illegal (or for why we might want an explanation as to why we were stopped). anyhow. Mad drive from there through Germany, Holland Belgium and France where we turned up for the ferry after ours with 10 mins till it sailed. Got to dover and had the exhaust fall off on the motorway.

Thats how I spent my Holiday.
No work on 3rd base, I'm saving that for bristol. I have started to  develop a diabolo/street act with my monkey though. I'm having fun with it and might ask you lot for some advice on it in due course.
Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: Marc on September 11, 2006, 09:58:16 PM
It sounds like you had a very good time until you had to come home, and your welcome it wasn't hard to find out where the convention was. Is it the same van that Daryll took us to work experience in, the big blue one which will blind you if your driving behind it (good times). hope you got a radio for it '3500 miles' is a long way with no form of entertainment.

Thanks for sharing that with us
marc cabry
Title: Cologne, Vienna, Budapest and others (ptuj?)
Post by: JC on September 11, 2006, 11:04:08 PM

The place were the EJC 2008 in Karlsruhe will be, it is not the
same where the "verkehrte Convention" was.
We will have a very big area outside called Günther-Klotz-Anlage,
and a very very big hall, called Europahalle.


you could find some photos from this convention...
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