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I'm New / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: August 20, 2007, 03:34:25 PM »
Location:Newcastle (UK)

1. How many years have you diaboloed for?

 5 -6 years only seriously since this summer!

2. What or who got you started?

drugs and festivals ;)

3. What do you like best about the diabolo or juggling in general?

i like things that spin fast and take hours of practice to become good ;)

4. How many hours a day do you diabolo on average?

at the moment 3 hours..............

5. Do you ever perform with the diabolo?

just at festivals as a punter (crowd pleaser) (attention seeker ;)

6. Do you juggle other props? If so: balls, clubs, rings, cigar boxes, devil sticks... ?

little bit of ball juggling,learning clubs and devil sticks a little

7. What are your favourite diabolos, sticks, and string?

i love my Mr.Babaesh G3 and im a sucker for the UV string in yellow,sticks i like cheap aluminium ones.

8. Do you like working with 1, 2, or 3 diabolos the best?

im just learning 2d so im exitred about that! so 2!

9. What is your favourite diabolo trick that you can do?

the all finger grind and back again grid on diabology video.

10. What is the most amazing diabolo trick you've ever seen done?

anything with mission is to learn the sprinkler ..this is a cute trick!

11. What tricks are driving you nuts right now (what are you working on)?

steering two diablos...........eheheheh...we all been there though!

12. What other diaboloists have inspired you?[/url]

all those guys of diaboloy, some guy i met at wickerman festival and barnseys site.

hello to all and happy spinning! 8)

I'm New / Re: Learning 2 diabolo! keeping the shuffle going
« on: August 18, 2007, 03:01:04 PM »
before I started reading this thread I was getting nowhere with my 2d shuffle.

But it clicked last night!

less is really more for 2d :)

the movent of your hands is small and slower yes! Dont panick!
small  hand movements, and keeping those sticks low, and closes together made it work for me.

And a good string backwrap start was probably the hardest to learn but easier than throwing it in as i find you get more speed and a straighter flying diablo the backwrap start way.

 Massive thank you to everyone posting on this forum, you just saved me 2 months frustration i rekon.

I know you probably covered all this but hey, im excited ;))

I can even drive it with my right hand, its feels good yesss!

crashing after about 10 -15 spins, but its comin along nicely.

now steering ;)

catch you all in a month ;)

happy spinning. :D ;D :D


Gear / 2 diablo with a henry circus and a mr.babesh G3 possible?
« on: August 17, 2007, 05:59:13 PM »
HI all, practicing my 2d starts with the two diablo in the subject, kinda getting a few shuffles b4 crashing.

I am making life really hard for myself,

I think my technique is the main problem tho ;)

not the poor diablos.........................ill do two if its the last thing i do !!!!!!

this site is lush....


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