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Performing / How to synchronize a group performance?
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:50:56 PM »
When performing diabolo in a group (2 or more), how does one synchronize all the tricks so everyone in the group is performing the same move? I've seen some count aloud. Perhaps music cues could work, but in classical music it seems more difficult to find those cues. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!

General / How to teach diabolo class to children?
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:22:48 PM »
I'm teaching Chinese yo-yo at a Chinese school. The students are around 8-16 years old. Some are forced by their parents to take the class. Some enjoy it. Like most children, they have short attention spans and are impatient. They don't always practice during the 1 hour class per week. Most don't practice outside of class. No practice leads to no improvement. They just want to learn new tricks or goof off. Their foundation is not good and they know tricks, but have too high a failure rate. They want to play yo-yo games, but that doesn't lead to proficiency with one hour classes each week.

My mission is to teach them Chinese yo-yo, get them interested so they keep coming, have a good foundation and learn many tricks. However, I find this task very difficult.

I don't like how they use bearing diabolos (from previous instructor). I know they are easier to learn, but many bad habits develop like pulling equally hard with both hands or not learning poor foundation. However, they are discouraged quickly when I give them a fixed axle to play with. I want them to practice, but they don't. How can I force them to practice without it making it boot camp? I don't want them to teach them new tricks until they master the previous tricks, but they just get discouraged or goof off. In Taiwan, elementary school students use fixed axle and practice after school. They are quite proficient at it. How did they do that?

So here are my questions?
1) Which diabolo? Fixed axle or bearing? For beginners?
2) How to keep them interested?
3) Any other advice?

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