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1 Collaboration Video / [Video Ready] Diabolo Collab Video 2021
« on: February 10, 2022, 05:08:28 PM »
The Diabolo Collaboration Video is done!

It will go live on Saturday and here is the link:

We had so much fun piecing it together and I would like to thank everyone again who helped making this possible!
Spread  the word, hope you like it!

2 Collaboration Video / Re: Diabolo Colab Video 2021 INFOS
« on: October 05, 2021, 02:33:58 PM »
I am sorry if I have caused confusion.
The question who would edit the Collab Video this year came up about a month ago in the Diabolo-Europe-Whatsapp group. After a while of no replys I stept up and got in touch with a guy called Martin who explained the cornerstones of the Colab Video to me and after that, including some reserch into the preexisting Collab Videos I decided that I could take care of this if no one else would.

At no point someone interjectetd, that the comunity decided that we would'nt have any more Collabs and I also never was under the impression that a discussion was usually the way this was organised.
I felt I was helping out where otherwise somthing would be canceled this year.

If nobody wants a Collab right now I can stop what I am doing imidiatly :) So please let me know how you feel about this.

I can see, that an introduction and showcase of my editing and diabolo knowllege would be helpfull,
this a Video made by me and my Student:

We produce german Diabolo-Tutorials, the guy on the right and in the voiceover is me, the younger one is Philipp and he is helping with the editing as well. (the style of the Collab Video would be very different, but hopefully this clip shows we know our way around an editing software)

I can write up a detailed introduction about me, us and our history with the Diabolo in the correct subforum later.

With Kind regards,

Videos / Re: Looking for Collab Video info?
« on: October 02, 2021, 02:36:36 PM »
i hust posted the conditions for the Colab Video 2021. If I managed to put them in the wrong place, could you be so kind and move the post to where it's suppossed to be?
Thank you!

4 Collaboration Video / Diabolo Colab Video 2021 INFOS
« on: October 02, 2021, 02:28:47 PM »
Hello Community!

We are exited to announce that this year we will editing the collab!

The Rules:

Deadline: 15.12.21.
That is not as much time as you are used to, but what can we do, 2021 only has so many months left.

We would like to ask you to include 5 seconds where you are not doing your sequence. This is meant to work as kind of an introduction and could contain anything like: accelerating your Diabolo, doing nothing, smiling into the camera, assembling your Diabolo … you do you :)
This can simply be the first 5 secs of your clip before your start going crazy.

Please send your videos in HD quality (720p or more) in standard video format (no smartphone sideflips).

Send your videos to directly or with wetransfer/dropbox etc. We will definitely come back to you if we have trouble with your material.

Also please include the location (country) as in previous Colab Videos.
Also your Name if your up for it. (or tell us if you don't want your Name to be shown to the Internet)

Some Tips:

We know time is running short but take your time :) Be patient with filming, consider the background/environment especially when it comes to contrast. Doing the most amazing integrals with white string in front of a white wall is kind of a waste.

If your camera allows it consider filming with 60 FPS. Especially fast motions look much smoother in the end if you do.

Apart from those guidelines go nuts! Have fun! Be creative and an inspiration for all the Diabolo-players around the globe!

If any questions come up, feel free to post them here, I bet there are a few things we missed.

We looking forward to your contribution,
Lots of Love,
Philipp and Paul

PS: If you have music suggestions feel free to share them, you would really help us out :)

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