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General / Some help with combos
« on: June 29, 2014, 04:32:08 PM »
Hi again guys...
All that time I diaboling I make some tricks but now I want to compine them and make some combos because I believe that is the whole point.....o can anybody help and give me some advices on how you make your own combos....!!!

General / Any Idea????
« on: June 10, 2014, 11:57:13 AM »
Hey guys I am very happy because yesterday I learn Invinite Suicide....but now I am very confused and I dont know with which trick to go on now
Any good idea????

General / VotW
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:08:24 PM »
Hey guys long time noseen.... :P.....
I am not sure if that must to be here but I dont know where to put...
So I have a question what is VtoW???
I have seen a lot of videos on youtube and here with this title so Ι start getting curious!!!!

Tricks / Promblem with Chinesse Acceleration
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:45:06 PM »
Hey I want some help here...
I am trying to learn Chinesse Acceleration but i find it difficultto do it
Every time I doing it the diabolowobbling to the front  :'(
I have watched a lot of tutorials but they didn't help much....And I don't know what action I have to do with my left hand!!!!!!!! 
Can anybody help me????

I'm New / New Diabolo
« on: February 02, 2014, 03:46:29 PM »
Hey guys
My name is Kosta, I'm from Greece and I love diabolo.
But my old diabolo has brken and I want to take a new one what diabolo you recomend me???
And from where I can buy one online??

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