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Gear / Taibolo Light Kits
« on: October 15, 2008, 08:51:41 PM »
Seems like Taibolo has come out with light kits designed for the taibolo.   :o
anyone get them yet?  or at least any opinions on them based on the description and looks??? (see link for pictures)

Taibolo (Gong_Qun) can provide several types of Diabolo. The major products are listed as below: 
   2008 New Taibolo Product -- Taibolo-LED (Patent No.: )

    Taibolo-LED will be launched the market on October 2008 and its characteristics is listed as below:
    # Taibolo-LED is in shape of two cones joined together and one LED light box buried in each cone.

   Taibolo-LED's cone has five different colors.

   Taibolo-LED's LED light box has four different types;

       there are three LED light modules inside each LED light box.
    # Taibolo-LED is the best choice of playing diabolo or having a diabolo show no matter it's indoor or outdoor.   
    # The weight of Taibolo-LED is suitable for diabolo players including children.

   Taibolo-LED is beautiful and easy to assemble by yourself.

   In case you have different colorful Taibolo-LEDs,

       you can change combination of different color cones with different LED light box easily. 

Link to the page:

Tricks / 3D sun to armstall (frontwrap/backwrapp???)
« on: May 14, 2008, 04:36:21 AM »
So, whenever I've seen this trick, I thought that the concept was similar to a 2d sun to armstall.  In 2d sun to armstall, I always end up in a "frontwrap," with the string lying across my forearm.  essentially, Im good to go for vortexing out or going into fan, etc.

I've always thought that it was the same concept with 3D, but recently, I've noticed that ppl end up in a "backwrap," with the string in their hand instead of on their forearm so they can do a regular speedpull or w/e to exit it. 

How does this work???

Tricks / Vertax/excalibur genocide entry
« on: June 08, 2007, 04:12:11 AM »
Does anyone know how William does the magic knot into his vertax/excalibur genocide???  I've watched it and experimented with it for quite a while, but I still can't figure it out...

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