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Tricks / SiteSwap and Suns
« on: September 16, 2006, 11:36:32 AM »

I haven’t written anything on this forum for a while. (nor read it steadily actually  :oops: )
But I’m shocked when I read someone says he does a “72222” or siteswap mistakes of that kind when suns are involved. And I can’t take it anymore.

It has been admited that, in conventional diabolo siteswap low notation, a 1D-sun is a “11” whereas 2D-sun and 3D-sun are respectively “2” and “3”. By using that, we respect all the usual beats and heights of the existing notation.

However, we have to keep in mind that 2D-sun and 3D-sun do not modifiy the order of the diabolos involved in the sun and that's why we have to specify it by a “*”, a “s” or a “sun”

5511 is the siteswap of “2up-1Dsun”
42sun or 42s or 42* is “1up-2Dsun”
52*2* is “1up-double2Dsun
333 42*3* 333 is “feed the sun”
333 3*42* 333 is “unfeed the sun”
3*3*3* is a triple3Dsun (without setup-throw between each one.) whereas 3*33*33*3 is three consecutive 3Dsuns with a setup-throw between each one.

Other exemples:

On this vidéo (produced by Petit Lu)
Zack does  333 3*342*33* 3333
whereas Tahia does 333 42*3*42* 333

PS: Many other french diabolists agree with that notation (such as Priam, Tahia, Fred, JiBe, etc...).

PS: We could use other rational notations (respecting  beats, heights and order of the diabolos) to describe suns with siteswap .However, they are heavy, complex and not meaningful at all, as they have to consider the time spend on the string and the time spend in the air.

I hope I conviced most of you of using this notation, and I not gonna read ”72222” for “1up-double2Dsun” anymore. (as you definitly have to throw a 5 if you want to do a 2D-doublesun )

If you have any questions about that, it would be my pleasure to answer them.


Videos / "42" Help!!! (with video)
« on: February 05, 2005, 04:13:54 PM »
Hi !!

Now my 3 low is getting better, I try to do a "42" in the 3 shuffle.
However it's not that easy. everytime i want to throw a "4", the diabolo go far away to my left.
Did it happen to somebody else?
what must i do to avoid that?
I filmed me this afternoon to show you what exactly happens: here (right click, save under... (it's mpeg format))

Thanks a lot if you can advice me.

see you

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