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Gear / Weird Chinese Diabolo and Juggling Stuff at the EJC
« on: June 21, 2007, 10:42:00 AM »
Hello everyone

Posting to announce the availability of some weird and wonderful Chinese
goodies at the EJC this year.

I am currently thinking of bringing *deep breath* :

Taichi Balls (a bit like russians) and Taichi Tennis
Throwable Fans (anyone at the Scottish 07 may have seen me with them)
Chinese style Diabolos
Chinese style Half Diabolos
Weird Diabolo sticks... they have a platform on the bottom of one stick
that you can spin the Half Diabolo on like a spinning top.

Also stumbled on a place that sells Powerisers really cheap :P

Any pre-orders greatly appreciated, might give me a way of gauging

I'll try and get some videos and photos up to back this up in the near

Also - for anyone interested, I will be offering a Zhang style Taiji
workshop. :P

Love and kisses,


Sorry for the double post - hoping to get some real interest in this, to help pay for my flight from Beijing to Athens! Thanks again.

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