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Gear / Random potential busking/stage gear idea spawning
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:37:16 PM »
Becoming increasingly interested in busking (though have yet to do it) I've come to wonder if people have any fun ideas for props that could potentially be used for performance (be it on a stage or street)? Maybe this thread could be of some use for a collective spawning of ideas.

And since custom bids for OP to start these magnets with loops have come to my attention lately:

Very strong type of magnet that I use to hang my keys on. Actually sStrong enough to bolt lighter diabolos on the nuts/axles for carrying/home decoration purposes probaly should they not be of performance use.

Now assume you tie a string to that loop they could probably be very quickly attached/detached to say street lamps for instance for super quick setup. I imagine it could be an ideal busking tool (though their exact uses would have to be explored) but, for instance as an idea, maybe tie the string around a spectator, vertax and then do the stuff that asian teams have been doing for a while but now as a single busker (if it works it would benefit someone like myself who is "forever alone"). Around 3:30 in:

Or maybe lasso the magnet upwards, attach to whatever if you can find some high up, hard to reach place (balcony railing or something) and do an extra high elevator (like Cirque but oustide of a stage environiment). The ending of this video illustrating it:

Or speed a diabolo up, let a spectator stop it from rolling away (one hand enough as opposed to entrusting them with a handstick), speed another one up, tighten string and race them towards eachother "street battle style".

For stage idk...have repelling magnets tied to different colored strings and throw them against eachother maybe? Just don't know.

Also don't know yet if these are actually strong enough to hold the up weight of a diabolo + force from vertical play/tug necessary for an elevator...but it's an idea so am getting some and finding out. Obviously with a partner busker available they might be a lot less interesting to people and, again obviously, just tying the string may be preferable. So yeah what do you forumers think? Do you have any other ideas for fun potential accessories/props?

Other idea would be some kind of reliable foot catapult solution for starting (again for audience participation) though idk how it would work to make that even decently reliable exactly...

And finally cannot resist just randomly adding below as I will likely not get a chance ever again (very slight language warning):

[noembed] [/noembed]

If you have some fun ideas for random objects to be used for busking/performance please share. :)

2 Policy & Feedback / Saving/favoriting threads function
« on: November 14, 2014, 02:04:09 PM »
Idk how easy/hard that feature is to implement into the forum (?) but if more updating is done in the future I'd like to see it (currently I just rc-save pages to folders separately). Would be great in order to favorite older threads for reference too instead of not being able to find them with search. Is it something doable?

Gear / Good "non-brand" diabolostring?
« on: March 07, 2010, 11:56:57 PM »
I seem to remember someone on the forum linking to an online store or factory (?) that sold bright yellow string that looked a bit like Henry's old (I'm growing increasingly tired of having the new type breaking on me and while Taibolostring is good sometimes you want something more slippery).

1. Does anyone know of a place that sells string like this (preferably bright, solid color in decent lengths and cost)?

2. If you do, have you tried it and is it good?

3. If there is no store/factory that has it already, does anyone know if you could possibly order your own custom from some stringfactory or something?

4. In case there's no good answer to the questions above, which string would you recommend as a good and more slippery alternative to Taibolostring?

Videos / Ryo Yabe doing one-sided diabolo
« on: October 28, 2008, 05:03:53 PM »

Guessing he has modded it with a hubstack in some way to be able to use and grab it like that? Anyway some really nice tricks I had not seen before, hope others like it too ;).

Tricks / Langerz 2D Eiffel
« on: October 14, 2008, 12:46:25 PM »
Can anyone explain it in detail? I can do the beginning with the two slackwhips but I don´t understand how to go into the Eiffel afterwards (I´m a rightie so it quickly gets confusing when the arms start to rotate).

Also I don´t understand how you actually create the Eiffel after the rotation, it seems you need to jump out of the slack somehow? Is this correct?

Technical / Filming with model aircrafts?
« on: June 04, 2008, 05:36:43 PM »
OK, I don´t know where this question would fit so I´m making a new thread. If it´s already been discussed somewhere or is better suited someplace else I´m sorry.

I am wondering if anyone has ever filmed something using a model helicopter or similar? I´m thinking it would be really cool to mount a camera on the front of one and film some tricks and patterns while in flight. Coolest would be flying it through maybe a 3D high or following one diabolo in a pattern from the ground up and then down again (might take some slick piloting though). Or maybe just general filming from the sky.

Has anyone tried it before? If so, how did it turn out? Did you have to use a special camera or just a normal one worked?

Was also thinking it would be cool if someone was doing diabolo near a building and you just dropped a camera down using a weight to keep it steady and a homemade "parachute" to keep it slow. A 3rd person could catch it (though maybe that wouldn´t look so cool if you broke the camera :P)

Technical / MP3 Freeware mixing program.
« on: June 04, 2008, 03:44:54 PM »
So, I´m trying to put my first "real" act together and I want to use a couple of songs on my computer for it.
I´m looking for a good freeware program for mixing mp3. Preferably it should be easy to use.

It should have functions like cutting/editing one song into another, fading into another song (I don´t know what those functions are called though) and speeding up/slowing down the songs.

Eventually I´d like to also be able to use the songs in videos (though I´m far from that point yet because I don´t even know how to edit)

Anyone know of a good (free) program and where to get it? Thanks for all help!

Gear / Looking for Bandai Diabigs in white
« on: January 29, 2008, 06:33:58 PM »
What it says in the title. I´m looking for the old type of Diabigs in white color. The ones made by Bandai before Yoho took over. Naranja sold them up to 2005 I think. Inside of the cups there´s the text "Hyper Diabolo Diabig" and the washers are fully black.

Anyone has these in white and want to get rid of them for a fair prize? Please PM me if you do.

Community & Events / Malaysian diabolists
« on: November 04, 2007, 02:06:33 AM »
OK. After looking around youtube I´ve seen a lot of really good 3D diabolists from Malaysia lately. It seems to be a pretty good scene there.
A few particularly interesting vids:


Just the links. I tried to use the button for putting them all directly into the post, but the preview looked "strange" (mod edit: I switched them to embedded videos. Click edit and look at the code. I hope this isn't what you meant by "strange"! -Sean) so this seemed better.
At least one is a repost but I hope that´s OK anyway. Anyone who knows more about diabolo in Malaysia?

General / "Finding a thread/topic/discussion" helpthread
« on: July 16, 2007, 07:52:47 PM »
OK, sorry for the confusing name first of all ;D.

This was originally posted in the suggestions and feedback section, so look there if this first description is vague to see what it´s all about.

The idea of this thread is to help people who can´t find a thread through search. Maybe you´re not sure if something has already been asked before, but you can´t find it through search and you don´t know if it has already been answered. Or maybe you don`t really know the right keywords.

In that case this thread is supposed to help you. Here you can ask if something has already been posted without bringing up ancient threads just to ask about a similar trick (I´ve done so myself in the past :P) and hopefully other forumers who know what you´re looking for can help.

There are three guidelines for the thread:

1. Do not ask for help with separate tricks within the thread. Do so in the threads that you hopefully get help to find. 

2. Don´t start any separate discussions within the thread (it exists only to help people)

3 Do atleast some actual searching before asking (don´t just ask immediately because of lazyness ;)).

^And that´s it. Hope this thread becomes helpful this time around.

General / Where is the line between stealing and copying
« on: July 16, 2007, 07:08:27 AM »
The title kind of says it all. Where do you think the line between "stealing" and copying is?

Personally, I don´t know. Ever since 2005 I´ve practiced hard to learn Yabes whip-duicide stuff. I´ve got it down so recently I´ve been learning William´s tricks (vertical stickgrind, legcombos etc).
Being alone practicing it´s hard to learn from other places than the internet.

At the last EJC I got convinced (read "bullied into" ;)) by the Israeli crew to make a performance in the near future. However, if I use many of the tricks I have learned from videos they are instantly recognizable as either Yabes, Williams or the MFP´s tricks. So, where is the line between smoothly stealing stuff, and just copying it? Maybe people here have different ideas on this?

Gear / Design your own diabolo
« on: June 16, 2007, 06:58:11 AM »
OK, if you could design your own Diabolo, what would it be like? How would the cups and axle be? Big or small? Light or heavy? How would you like it to feel (grippy or smooth)? Would it be rubber or plastic etc? What accessorygear would you want to have available for it? Maybe you can use some already existing Diabolos as reference. Maybe some manufacturer could get ideas from this ;).

My ultimate diabolo would have:

Cups like the Diabig but larger. This is because I´m a big person and I think it looks better if the Diabolos then are also big. Material would be like the Fly´s kind of grippy plastic. I would want it to be available in different sizes because not every person is the same.
Same standard weight as the Diabigs or slightly lighter/heavier (depending on the size of it). Accessories for the weight would be weightrings applied on the outside of the cup (the rim?) to make it heavier and lighter washers and hubs to make it lighter.
Wide axles for easy handgrinds. Possibility to swap axle for bearing mode (like the Flys)
Accesories would be: weight/light kits, Lightkits charged by the sun (this would not be standard because my GIDs sometimes keep me awake at night :P), Smokedevice (Credit to Martin Mall for that one) and bearing mode (as mentioned above).

^OK, that would be my own ultimate diabolo. What would yours be like?

Tricks / 3D wrap to instant shower.
« on: March 28, 2007, 03:20:56 PM »
OK, this topic has almost certainly been discussed before (would be strange if it hadn´t) but I just can´t find it through the searchfunction. I need help with making an instant transfer from shuffle to shower with a wrap. I can do the normal wrap but I don´t get enough lift on the middle Diabolo to go up. As usual I can´t provide a video :( so...anyone got any tips in general?

BTW, I truly am sorry for being a nuisance to the moderators. I know the normal accelration must´ve been discussed before, but I can´t find it either in "tricks" or through search.

Gear / Taiwanese Diabolos
« on: March 27, 2007, 11:50:37 AM »
I searched this before but it might already´ve been discussed. I´m sorry if it has.

I´m looking for two types of Diabolos. Firstly, I´m looking for the type that has two colors on the cup. I know that Norbi talked about this type in one thread but it´s difficult to find.

The other type I´m looking for is the ones that make some sort of "hissing" sound when they spin (I don´t know the name because I´ve only seen them in movies). I´ve seen "Benny" use them.

Anyone know a place that sells them? Preferably with salespeople who speak english.

15 Policy & Feedback / "Is there a ...thread" thread?
« on: March 08, 2007, 01:52:14 PM »
OK, I´ve got a few questions about a few new tricks. Some of them I´m pretty sure have already been discussed in other threads, some I´m not certain of but they might have been already. I am hesitating to ask about some of them because they might already have been discussed and asking again would only clutter the forum.

Would it be a good idea to have a thread for asking about if some topics or tricks have already been discussed and if they´ve already been, where that was?

I think that would ease the workload on the moderators and help a few newbies and those who can´t use a computer properly (those like me in other words :-[)

Tricks / Infinite genocides with throws and recaptures
« on: February 23, 2007, 05:26:44 PM »
These are my problems with this trick:

Problem 1: Usually my throw goes way out to the right (which it´s supposed to but not so much). What´s the best way to correct this?

Problem 2: How should you recapture the Diabolo in smoothest possible way? At the moment, I catch the Diabolo in my genocide when it´s going up. In other words, the swing goes towards the left, but the Diabolo gets caught on the right while the string is actually moving away from the Diabolo. Is this the correct way to catch?

Problem 3: Starting them. Is it easier making the start fast or slow (the start works fine but it´s not solid yet).

There are videos of "Benny Zo" and Wen from Taiwan doing this trick, but I don´t know the links to these (if anyones interested in watching them, you can at least find Bennys vids through SUI´s links).

Any tips in general are greatly appreciated and of great help. Thank you in advance!

General / Personality disorders?
« on: February 18, 2007, 12:25:50 PM »
OK, I didn´t search this one beforehand, but I´m just so sure it´s never been discussed. Anyway:

About two or three years ago I was diagnosed with autism. This came as a surprise for me, as I´ve never really thought of myslef as autistic. Anyway, some clues the doctors got were the fact that I have trouble understanding other peoples feelings (if I´ve ever offended anyone on the forum I´m sorry BTW) and most importantly I had a special interest (jugglling) and that I love it very much.

I usually feel way, way "happier" at conventions than I am normally (like I´m on drugs or something ;D). I´ve read that usually, when people with autism or highly functioning autism talk to "normal" people, they do not understand eachother, but when they get to discuss something they like with people who think similiar, they feel better.

So, I´m wondering if any of you people here on the forum has ever been diagnosed with something like this or any other disorders. I heard a guy describing juggling as an OCD once which I found quite funny, but also partly true. It does take something to practice this much with something so obscure.

The main reason I´m wondering about this is because I´ve talked to Markus Furtner a couple of times (worlds craziest Devilsticker if you don´t know him) and he´s also superexcited every time he talks about devilstick. Last time I talked to him, I asked about one (1) trick and it turned into a half hour discussion about devilstick. During that whole time, I didn´t understand much about what he was talking about because I´m really not a good devilsticker. Still, he managed to get me interested enough to talk about devilsticks for that long. I recognize this in myself whenever I get to talk about Diabolo. This is why I´m wondering, do you think there´s a large percentage of jugglers with personalitydisorders?

Tricks / Yabes around the body excalibur?
« on: April 01, 2006, 08:47:46 PM »
I learnt how to do this trick (with the pingpongs) just last week from watching the workshop vid (thanks to all the nice people who tried to help me with bittorrent).

Now I have some questions about it:

In the video, I think it was said how to get into it either by correcting or wrapping. How do you get into it by wrapping?

Do you really need the normal between the leg hop to do it vertical? I can almost do it vertical, but I am not even close to it horizontal. Does having between the legs horizontal really help that much?

I´ve seen another japanese guy do a similar around the neck excalibur (in a normal excalibur). Does anyone know if it´s possible to combine these two?
The spin is opposite, but if someone is good with this trick, maybe you know how?

Does anyone know how to exit it in a nice way? I try to move my legs over it, but that´s really difficult and also it doesn´t look very nice.

I realize there are a lot of questions, but I am grateful for any tips.

19 Policy & Feedback / "SEARCH" guide?
« on: March 13, 2006, 12:37:06 AM »
I don´t know if this has been requested before, but if I could use the "SEARCH" properly I wouldn´t need it (and I would know if it had already been requested).

Anyway, maybe it would be good if someone put a guide up on how to get the most out of the search function on the forum (or maybe a link to a good guide). I openly admit that I suck at both computers and english so everytime I try to search for something specific I get hits for every thread on the forum so it doesn´t help anyway. Also, I don´t know what some on the stuff that are mentioned on the searchpage mean (like "wildcard") so that also makes it difficult.

It might seem unnessesary but I think it could actually help some people (including myself) to explain the "SEARCH" and its functons in greater detail. Also, that might help people to find the right threads to ask questions in.

I am sorry if this has been suggested before (or if there´s too much hassle with a guide).

Gear / Bodyheight, width and Diabolo
« on: July 05, 2005, 06:08:25 PM »
Ok, I have a strange and quite possibly stupid question I hope someone can answer.  

I wonder what impact the bodies height and musclethickness have on your Diabolo.

I have a couple of older vids of Tony and  when I compare them to his new ones he has a lot less arm muscles and simply looks thinner. Personally I think his technique also looks both faster and better on these vids (even though he has new tricks now).

I also have noticed that the people I admire the most in terms of how their technique looks (not the difficulty), all seem to be pretty short and have very thin arms. This seems to affect the speed of the Diabs revolving. Is this true?

The reason I´m asking is because I´ve grown about seven centimeters the past few months and added about 4 kgs to my arms. I am now 193 centimeters long and weigh 75 kgs.

Will this affect my Diabolo technique at all and is being taller and bulkier an advantage or a disadvantage in terms of looks of the technique? Obviously, a chesthigh string for a taller person is longer than it is for the shorter I mean. Also, about how tall are the MFP and Ryo Yabe. I like their technique the most. I´ve met the MFP at two EJC:s and I remember most of them being quite short and thin (except for Priam who was taller than me)

Sorry for a very long message and crappy english/spelling. Please don´t flame me too much if these questions appears stupid.

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