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Tricks / Which tricks are cool now?
« on: June 29, 2021, 10:17:18 AM »
What are the cool tricks now? Are we still on the integrals and feed-the-sun combo boat? Any new trends?

Tricks / Must learn beginner tricks?
« on: May 19, 2020, 07:18:41 PM »
If you had to pick 10 beginner level tricks that everybody should learn, what would they be?

Videos / Bolottaako? (2003) - a blast from the past for 32minutes
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:27:32 PM »
So here's the back story:

There was a time when it was difficult to find any videos online. Your sources pretty much were animations (not many back then), diarythms gifs, few clips the mad french posse released prior to diabology, really rare clip of Guy Heathcote of doing 3d low and some Donald Grant books etc. We noted that it would be good to collect lots of material in to one dvd and release that. This way one wouldn't have to use their modem connections on isdn's to slowly download videos on their computers. You could just easily watch the dvd and have loads of material to practice.

The dvd wouldn't have to be tutorial videos since from a video it's really easy to figure out a trick. Well compared to text versions that explained geno trick the first time (which we thought was just madness). Needless to say lot has changed since and you know how things are nowadays. It's been good 15 years since we did this. The diabology was a massive release that changed pretty much the game. So I have to admit that it kinda did overshadow our dvd quite a bit. But nevertheless we did put loads of effort and this was top notch tech back then and lots of tricks are still very difficult to land.

It's about time to give this out for free, hope you like it ;) Oh it's so much better with those 3D glasses one might get from cerial boxes, if you have those, definitely wear them!

Videos / Elastic string!
« on: December 29, 2017, 06:49:55 PM »
So we are passing trough Stockholm and kids want to visit the FlyingTiger. I find string that looks like neon yellow Diabolo string but is elastic. I buy it anyway (1€) put it in my backpack. Now 3months later find it and hook it in my sticks.

Elastic string, test #1

I remember this one video of a Variete like show with somebody using elastic string but I lost the link. If you have it please link!

Oh and if you decide to try this watch out with vertax. I got smacked in my face ;)

Diabolo Culture / Circus schools and where to apply as a Diabolo player?
« on: February 07, 2017, 09:56:52 PM »
Had a short talk with Henri about this today and though this would be a good topic to expand here as well. I know that some of the people on the board are thinking about applying to study at different circus schools and are Diabolo players. My question really is where would you recommend to go if you are a Diabolo player?

Who is teaching where? And which schools would be best for jugglers, especially for Diabolo players and why?

Videos / Diabolo videos on Instagram, FDC
« on: October 16, 2014, 08:19:19 AM »
We are dropping some short diabolo clips from FDC14 to our Instagram. If you want to watch some videos during the day in school, work, bus etc. Here's the link:

Or just @fdcfestival in instagram.  Cheers!

Tutorials / Circus Rubberduck, tutorials
« on: May 05, 2014, 09:18:19 AM »
We have been running promotional campaign for our diabolo online store. This is done by releasing basic level diabolo tutorials. As this has been bit commercial I haven't promoted it here. However there are quite a lot of videos now so I'm putting link here if people are interested. So far there are 19 videos released. We are releasing new tutorial on mondays and thursdays. The next 18 videos are already filmed so I can already promise this project to continue at least for next 9 weeks.

All the videos are meant for Finnish as we are trying to sell more products locally. I'm sorry about the language which most of you won't be understanding at all. So far we don't have resources to translate and subtitle or dub them. They will remain only in Finnish for now. I hope they are filmed so that you still can understand what's happening.

I hope there will be new and old tricks for everybody!

ps. please ask from me if you are about to put them on other websites.

Videos / NMN has the biggest diabolo
« on: July 23, 2013, 09:33:36 AM »
Projekt NMN has the biggest diabolo ever! This might we worth of checking out ;)

Edit: More info in the article,

Community & Events / Finnish Diabolo and Yoyo Nationals, LIVE Stream!
« on: July 09, 2013, 11:10:42 AM »
Hey! As some of you might know it's again national contest time in Finland. We are streaming the whole thing live. Link for this fun is:

Or straight from Bambuser:


Tutorials / IJA video tutorial contest 2013
« on: March 04, 2013, 05:09:42 PM »
I would love to just make a video and win this myself but decided to be polite and share it with you guys!  ;) I believe sharing is fun and it would be great to see more diabolo tutorials around. This keeps us all learning new stuff! I'll give you a short recap here how it goes. If you want more info check out the links below.

Here's the deal:

International Jugglers Association organizes tutorial contest every year and this is the fourth one now. Rules:

- You do NOT need to be an IJA member to participate in this event.
- All videos must mention the “Fourth Annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest” in text, audio, or video. YouTube annotations are not sufficient to meet this requirement.
- All areas of object manipulation are permitted.
- The IJA reserves the right to disqualify videos that do not meet official rule criteria.
- You may submit as many videos as you like. Creating one good video, however, would give you better odds of winning than creating three mediocre videos.
- Videos must be submitted by the 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time on March 31st, 2013. Late submissions will not be accepted.
- Entries can be submitted by clicking on the “submit” image on the eZine sidebar

What I've heard they have really (I mean really!) good prizes! So if you are anyways making a tutorial submit it. If you're not making one consider it.

More info:

Here's a place where you can spy what's been submitted already:

Gear / Review: Epic Juggling - A-Dream Diabolo
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:00:55 PM »

Review: Epic Juggling - A-Dream diabolo

First impressions

Epic juggling gear is another Malaysian manufacturer of diabolos. The A-Dream is full sized diabolo. If I had to compare it to existing models I would say that it's somewhere between Taibolo and Circus. For European eyes it is some ways similar to Henry's Circus with the giant hub. But cups and washers look and feel like they could be from Taibolo V2.

There's no easy way to take this in parts without correct set of tools. However most players already own 10mm set of tools which work well (even if I feel like the nubs are imperial size). With earlier prototype the size of nubs and the was the same size as Taibolo V2's. Diabolo looks big. Bigger that your usual Circus, Finesse or Sundia. Not by much but still a little. The size difference comes from the width. Scale says it's 262grams. Cups are bendy and little bit grippier to hand than other diabolos with harder plastic and smooth surface.

The weight distribution seems to be on the edge. That is, if you forget the fact that it has metallic washer. Using metal in washer adds strength but gives more weight to center of diabolo. This is probably a first part that I will take a way to get the weight away from center and get little bit more stability and more lightweight.

On the string

First throw on the string surprised me. It looks big but plays light. On a minus side the axle has small lines left from CNC machine I assume. Those give small sound and little more friction compared to normal. However these lines are small and will wear away the more you use the diabolos. So basically this is problem that will pass away on it's own. From stock it already spins longer than Circus with JC wide kits. So no worries there.

Diabolo is wide and it's super easy to do finger grinds with it. If you are stick grind lover this will work perfectly for you. You can easily add speed with a stick. I had some issues only when using thicker sticks such as wooden sticks. The stick seems to rub the hubs instead of the axle. This causes diabolo to tilt little bit too easy and makes “forever long” grinds harder to control. With carbon sticks there was no issue, and in fact most of diabolo players are using thin carbon. In any case this is a thing you should keep in mind while choosing the the gear.

Epics have 3 outer beveled lines in the inner cup. For the life of me I can't figure out why. Must be just for the design. The logo is right where you put your stick when doing some cup grinds and this gives more friction than there normally would be. A small minus there (you can use sand paper to get rid of it). But normal ufo grinds from vertax work really well. It's just the ones where diabolo is in normal non. Horizontal position. It's still waaay better for those tricks than Circuses or Finesses... EPIC's cup material just works much better.


All in all this is amazing diabolo. Makes me wish that there would have been more options on the market before when I was starting. But I'm happy that the equipment is getting better. After all Circuses and Finesses have been around for too long without anybody questioning the fact that diabolos could be better than what we currently use. There are always small improvements but so far I've heard only good things. After writing this Joona also reported that EPIC's are great for 3diabolos and 4 diabolos. Apparently he can do much easier amounts with this model than Finesses. We have been amazed how easily the diabolo recovers from collisions. So if you play with many diabolos this is you probably want to try this diabolo out and maybe get few of these. In time it does take color and if you're using white one and black carbon sticks you will probably end up having black stripes. But as we all know the marks on diabolos = love. If you don't have got any you haven't really loved your diabolo.


Available from

You probably want to know where you can get these. So here you go: (UK) (Finland)

Gear / Favorite Diabolo poll for 2012
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:17:20 PM »
It's been a while since the last poll so it's time to see what people are actually using these days. Let me know if I missed something really obvious. This list should pretty much include most of the diabolos people use these days... We will run this poll until the end of the year and then close it.

If people are interested we can also run a string poll and stick poll.

All right it's contest time again in Finland. We are gathering to Joensuu for Diabolo national contest. Contest will be done outdoors in the main market square of the city of Joensuu. We have a big and good stage there. Contest days are from tuesday to friday. Also we have booked a complete hostel for us so that there's place for everybody to sleep. Event is organized by Finnish Diabolo Association, this year Samuli has pretty much done all the organizing work for us. Huge thanks for him.

Like before we everybody does 6 different freestyles and takes part in three smaller sports:

1. Most vertax gens in a minute (1D)
2. Most minigens in a minute (1D)
3. Most diabolos in the air longest (XD)

4. 1D 3min
5. 2D 3min
6. 3D 2min
7. 1D Vertax 3min
8. BD The bearing division 3 min
9. MD Monobolos and one cupped ones 2min

Who gets the most points overall wins the title of national champion. This year the contest will be tougher than ever since all the past champions are competing and defending their titles. Hopefully the talented younger guys don't chicken out since I'm personally looking forward for losing to people half of my age ;)

So far there has not been a need to have international division since there has been no foreign people competing. If somebody comes you can compete in general division and you can even win everything. However we can give the title of Finnish Champion to a person who has Finnish nationality. Even Langerz doesn't count, we treat him like a Finn but due to some missing paperwork...

We are always more than happy to have visitors so if you have holidays and plan to fly in please contact me. There's a good chance that I can get you lifts from airport and maybe even free hostel onsite. If you want more info about the event just ask. Cheers.

General / Is anybody keeping Blog about diabolo?
« on: June 07, 2012, 09:31:16 PM »
I have to ask this from you guys. Is anybody keeping blog about diabolo and related stuff? I mean like a news blog about new equipment, events some weekly round ups about videos etc.

If you're still wondering what I mean have a look at this:
Diabolo blog doesn't have to be as professional as that.  But it would be perfect to have somebody filter through all the good videos and bring out the news about new stuff and events in one place. I don't always have enough time to keep up with the news myself.

You would surely tell me if there was something like this, would you?

Videos / Timothy Likes POP!corn - Tim the Grindman
« on: December 14, 2011, 09:05:04 PM »
Long story short, it's a show I'm working on. For you it's probably mostly about 2:06.  Oh and a fair warning, after 3minutes it will be just demos. If you're not a huge nerd/geek that's probably where you should stop watching ;)

Timothy Likes POP!corn - Tim the Grindman


Timothy Likes POP!corn - Tim the Grindman - juggling videos hosted @

General / Defining the difference between Suns and Fans
« on: November 07, 2011, 06:43:00 PM »
Okay so I had to argue about this thing today while teaching. I'm gonna open this up with just shortly and tell my opinions later on.

How do you define the difference between Suns and Fans?

If you have just one diabolo is it a same trick? When you add a second or third diabolo they are two different things, aren't they? I'm mostly interested hearing what makes sun a sun and fan a fan. 

I've seen many different versions in both but still in some cases it gets quite hard to make the difference. Clearly there are different opinions since I had to argue about this. Feel free to add videos if you feel that it helps. But I'm totally fine with just having text. Looking forward to your replies.

Community & Events / Finnish Diabolo Nationals 2011
« on: July 16, 2011, 06:57:11 PM »
The nationals for this year were a blast. Contest was held in Joensuu and lasted full 4 days. During the first 3 days we competed in diabolo and yo-yo. On the last day we had gala show at the market square just a block way from the contest stage in middle of the city. Thank you for supporting and attending to you event. If you missed this completely you can still see what happened in form of articles, pictures and videos.

I just got back from there yesterday so I'll give out better lists of the results once I have had enough sleep again ;) Also videos are coming later, patience is the key. I'm sure people will have even more links, pictures and videos. So give links and updates here.

Now you can check out what the papers wrote about us and gather little bit of information on your own. Here are some key links:

Videos / Ghost taste
« on: April 18, 2011, 08:17:02 AM »
Good morning sunshine! It's monday again. To ease up your roughest day of the week we are giving you a new video.  :-D
After seeing Animal Crackers people requested to see some old school stuff, asked questions of me using a bearing diabolo and carbon sticks. Like stated, I have two directions of play and have separate equipment for those. You shall get what you wanted, no yo-yo stuff here. Jussi and I went and gave some playtime for diabolos. Tons of fun filming old and new ideas. Jussi covers beautifully 2D and some integral stuff and I get to focus on the older style tricks. Feel free to comment and share the link.

Ghost taste

Videos / Animal crackers
« on: April 10, 2011, 05:26:35 PM »
The Problem nowadays is that when you upload any video online you need to find a good name for it. I'm getting lazy with this stuff so urban dictionary gives out pretty ok names after few clicks. Anyhow it's been a year since I've actually filmed anything I do with Diabolo. Had a few minutes the other day to film. Don't expect anything big thou. Keep it fun boys.

Animal crackers

Gear / Hickory Diabolosticks
« on: December 07, 2010, 09:54:03 PM »
Brief introduction to wooden sticks and diaboloing in general

Now there has been some talk about why I use wooden sticks. Usually I just shortly say that the wood is better. What makes a good diabolo stick? I'll let you know the biggest secret in diabolo world, and hear me out. It's not the gear you use. It's not about having good diabolo, perfect string. Not even about having the most amazing sticks ever. What makes you awesome player is simply just you.

If you have weak arm you can make up that with your creative ideas. If you don't have creative ideas just practice something incredibly hard. If you don't have anything I just said, play for fun and realize the second big secret: It doesn't even matter how good you are. However what IS important is that you have fun. That's my vision of diabolo playing really. Why don't I practice 3D constantly or haven't learned it in my 10years of diaboloing? For me it destroys the fun.

Why wood?

But let's forget all that for now and focus on GEAR. Specifically diabolo sticks. What makes a good stick? Doesn't hurt when it hits you? String comes from the end (helps infinites and many tricks)? Is thin but durable? Nah. All good things but building on the premise that it's the player not the gear. You can have pretty much anything.

I have used wooden sticks as long as I remember doing diabolo. Don't get me wrong I do own couple pairs of those fancy carbons. I just have never bought myself carbons and I use them for certain tricks. Wood remains my weapon of choice. But I do want quality, I don't like to use those cheap wood sticks they always sell. They hardly last a month in use before the softer quality wood breaks. There's no groove for string, weight is wrong and usually they are just way too long.  From the 2003 there has been one craftsman and diabolo player who made us sticks before carbons became a hit. Toni Saikkonen makes great wood sticks and quite many of us used those sticks back in the day. Everybody else started to use Carbons but I still stick with my wood. Once you learn small things where you undo string wrapping around the stick and remember to have control on your genos and integrals wood is perfect. Are they ecological? Yup, when broken you can warm your house with them.

Hickory sticks

During past 3 years many players have asked me where to get sticks like this. Happy to say, the exact sticks I love. Came now out as my signature model. I'm honored. These are not for anybody, price is high as they are completely hand made and branded with laser signature. Also the are completely made in Finland so no cheap labor here, all the people who made these are properly paid and good friends of mine.


Width: 34cm (hand made, some pairs might be 1-2cm longer or shorter than other pairs)
Weight: 35grams per stick (varies between different lengths)
Material: Hickory
Surface: Oiled with Finnish wood oil. Oil tints original color to warmer red.
Durability: 7years of diaboloing with this model, one single stick broken. If you use same set of sticks for 5 years wood slowly starts to bend a little. Color slowly turns to darker brown. And then grayish. After 7years it finally reminds you little of your grandpa's skin.

I know these aren't for anybody. Just a piece of diabolo history and a collectible item to share with you guys. Pricepoint is 50euros per pair. So don't get your hopes up buying a pair for the same amount of money as your weekend candy. ;) Here are pictures for you guys.

If you want to see them in action look at any video of me doing diabolo. Most likely I use these if I'm not doing slacks. Cheers, and keep up with the practices friends.

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