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Tricks / The Physics of Diabolo
« on: September 06, 2008, 03:17:35 AM »
Ok...not really physics per se, but the physical'll see what I mean below.  And also, the reason why this didn't go in the general sections forum is because I WILL include tricks and tips on how to correct your diabolo without technically "touching" it.  Don't read if you don't have time.  See below:

So, as you probably all know, the very first thing you start with is picking up the diabolo.  Of course, people with experience can pull up the picture from a few threads away and say, "Angle your string, or eat rubber" (also known as "The World of Pain").  The reason why this is is because your string gathers friction and it catches your string and it'll start winding up.  Pretty simple, but once you get it to spin, you have a  more common problem on your hands:  CORRECTING the darn thing.  So, what I'm hoping to do is to emphasize to whoever is reading this and has NO EXPERIENCE (so, pros, please stop here; it'll get boring) the things you need to take into consideration for keeping your diab in one piece.  One of the things that is the most important is the way you position your diabolo.  As you probably know, if you take a hotwheels toy car, position a small toy on it, and let it run down your hallway, you'll notice that when it stops the toy will shift a little.  (Gets into Newton's Laws, but it'll be long, so forget that)  What does this mean for your diabolo?  This means that when you're spinning the diabolo, when you move your sticks forward, it'll carry the diabolo (like the toy car carrying the toy) forward, but once YOU stop, the diabolo will still be propelled by the momentum of the moving sticks.  Once the momentum of the diabolo stops going forward, the diabolo will then be tilted slightly forward.  So, assuming you're all geniuses, this means that whenever your diabolo is tilting towards the front or the back, you can move your string accordingly and make the diabolo shift so that it'll correct the tilt by its own momentum.

So WHY did I bother with saying all of that?  Well, considering it's a way to correct the diabolo without using your strings or your sticks, wouldn't you all say that this would apply to 2D and 3D as well?  And, moreover, with the movement of your left hand (if you're right-handed), when you're doing 1D, 2D, 3D, and so on, it would help correct the diabolos a bit, wouldn't it?  As well, since our bodies are so accustomed to living within the Earth's boundaries of physics, our bodies will naturally know how to react to most situations that require us to estimate how to move.  For example, if you're eating dinner, and you're using a fork to eat spaghetti, your fingers would know how to twist those noodles and make them move so that it would end up on the tines of your fork.  It's that simple; it's because we've grown so accustomed to it, that our muscles would naturally react to complete its daily actions.  So, if you've played diabolo enough, even if you're just simply making it spin, your muscles will eventually come to recognize the movements of the diabolo and where it will end up so you can control it to a further degree.  Then, from there, your muscles will make the tiniest of movements so as to adjust the positioning of the diabolo.  This is true for 2D, 3D, vertax (excalibur), infinite suicides, etc.

In short, with much practice and patience, you can train your muscles to get used to the "physics" of your spinning diabolo and move your muscles accordingly to adjust it, which makes you better in general and will give you a better sense of how to correct it, so that you will always find new and improved ways to adjust your diabolo.

(Didn't plan on this being and essay, but I'm glad I made it...even if I'll get yelled at the administrators for wasting space  :'()

For those of you who have read to this point, thanks for your patience; please feel free to correct/criticize/remove to this thread any way you like.  I typed this with the beginners in mind, so I'm hoping I'll get some positive feedback.

Time to work on that physics of suns...

Community & Events / Ontario Place 2008 Chinese Lantern Festival
« on: August 22, 2008, 05:46:26 AM »
Started this new one 'cause a quick search of the search engine turned up nothing of this...As well, not a lot of you live specifically in Ontario anyways, so I doubted this was going up on this section.

ANYWAY.  On to the point.  In Canada, Ontario, specifically in downtown Toronto, there is the annual Ontario Place Chinese Lantern Festival going on.  As expected of Chinese traditional festivals, there are "ancient arts" performances, namely "Kong-Z(r)hu" or "Chinese-yoyo" performances.  Sadly, it's not exciting.  It's not even perfessional grade.  There are tosses, suns, orbits, and acrobatics.  There was even 2D high and a short 7-second shuffle, and that was it.  Still, worth a look, 'cause it represents the Chinese perspective of diaboloing (For example, I talked to the man supervising his acrobats; he shipped these people over here just for a profit, as expected of Chinese people  ;D.  And so, upon learning that I do "Kong-Zhu" as well, he asked me to show him a few moves.  I did, and unfortunately I didn't make a very good impression on him.  Apparantly only girls in China do Kong-Zhu, and that was a part of the reason why he wasn't impressed with my performance  >:(...oh learn something new every day).  I even took a picture with the 4 young (and hot) ladies doing the performances.  Unfortunately, there are only a couple (it goes on until the start of September) of weeks left until it ends, so anyone who want to take a look (it's not great though) could drop by in the downtown Toronto area.  Sorry I haven't posted this sooner!

General / The things that tick us off...
« on: April 08, 2008, 02:17:02 AM »
You know what really grinds my gears ticks me off?  Having people confuse chinese yo yos and diabolos together.  There is a HUGE difference between the two, despite the similarities they share.  I'm not gonna ramble on about just how many there are, but the people who don't give respect to that distinction really cheeses me off so much... >:(
Get this:
"(FLAME ON) Don't try to learn with the plastic whistling diabolos that have flat ended NON-CONE-SHAPED discs on the ends. The center of gravity is so wide on these little buggers that you will suffer terribly just trying to get them spinning before they twist to the right/left. They're OK to play with later (after you've learned how to control the left/right turning habits) because the noise they produce is really loud and annoying and we know that's very useful sometimes (street performers take note). (FLAME OFF)"

-By Steven M. Salberg <>

Of course, I'm such a hypocrite, since I haven't bothered to cite properly...but that's another story...

Besides, some of you may have noticed, but when you visit asian or african or remote European places, people tend to say "So you're studying in America?" or "Wow!  You're studying in North America!  So how's America?" when you're nowhere close to it.  Or vice versa.

As well, doesn't it just cheese you off when you reach a certain point in your diabolo level when you just run into a block?  And don't progress from there, and you always end up in square one?  That's happening to me right now, and I'd like to get back to it.  So, I've finished rambling, and now let's listen to some of our friends' irritated tales of the diaboloing world.

Gear / Taking care of your equipment.
« on: November 27, 2007, 12:09:23 AM »
I was wondering if there were any threads on equipment care.  If there is, then can someone direct me to it?
Can anybody tell me how to clean a string?  How do you get rid of the scuff marks on your diabolo?  How do you take care of it in general?  And how many of you here are actually Canadian?

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