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Gear / fixed axle vertax
« on: April 25, 2008, 02:44:19 PM »
I've been at a complete standstill with my vertaxing for over 2 months now. Crappy weather is probably the biggest reason why, but I've started wondering if maybe a fixed axle diabolo (finesse to be exact) is just the wrong prop for the job. I can do some basic tricks, but almost none of them are reliable because I lose so much speed that by the time the diabolo is back near my RH, wrapped and ready to be whipped, it's practically stalled.

I've come across a few threads discussing the various pros/cons of fixed vs. bearing, and most people seem to agree that bearing is superior to fixed when it comes to vertax. In addition, someone mentioned that finesse are particularly tricky to manage in vertax because of the rough gripiness of the cups. Although frankly, the one time I got to play with a circus I had pretty much the same difficulties in vertax.

I should point out that although I do own a bearing diabolo, I almost never pull it out. The reasons aren't that important, and rather than derail my own thread I'll just say that I'd prefer to use the fixed axle for vertax.

Since I have such a hard time recognizing diabolos in vertax videos, my question is how many of you out there vertax with a fixed axle on a regular basis? while busking/performing?
Please, I really don't want a discussion of fixed vs. bearing. There is already a thread for that, I'm just wondering if anybody else is/was as stubborn as me about vertaxing with fixed axle. Anecdotes, tips etc. while vertaxing with fixed would be appreciated, but mainly, I just want to know I'm not the only one perversely unyielding about using fixed axle for everything up to and including vertax.


edit - errrr .... just realized I posted this in the gear section, which might not be the best place for it. If it fits better elsewhere, could a kind mod please move it? Thanks.

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