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1 Policy & Feedback / Video embedding re-enabled
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:50:40 AM »
Video embedding should now work for:

- Youtube
- Facebook (and Facebook pictures)
- Vimeo
- Instagram
- Vine

I installed the Simple Audio Video Embedder package since the old package (AEVA) hadn't been maintained for a very long time and had been broken for a while.




Some bot hijacked the forum and was sending spam emails. Had to restore to backup from yesterday. I believe I've patched the problem now. May be a few posts missing from the last ~12-24 hours. Sorry about that. Feel free to repost anything that is missing.

3 Policy & Feedback / SMF upgraded, let me know about problems
« on: December 24, 2011, 07:58:13 PM »
Finally found the time to upgrade the forum to the latest version of SMF. Please let me know if anything is missing or not working.

4 Policy & Feedback / Donations to support
« on: October 22, 2011, 10:18:37 PM »
Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder that donations to help support the hosting costs for are always welcome.

Hosting costs me $25 USD per month, which works out to $300/year.[nb]Further details: We're on a reasonably fast VPS server that I set up from scratch so we can have fast and reliable service. Previously, on shared hosting, we used to run into frequent issues with slow and sporadic service. shirt sales provide some support, but sales have slowed down and probably account for about $60-70 a year.

We used to be on a cheaper hosting plan, but I've paid for the hosting myself (supplemented by some generous donations — thank you) for the past 7 years.
[/nb] I pay this out of my own pocket so we can all enjoy and benefit from the community here at

A donation of any amount to help to offset these costs is greatly appreciated. You can donate at any time via PayPal (although a PayPal account is not necessary)


Videos of the Week / Who wants to take over the Videos of the Week?
« on: August 24, 2011, 08:31:01 AM »
Anyone want to take over the Videos of the Week?

This will require someone with a bit of enthusiasm for prodding people to get this going again. Otherwise, the commitment is fairly minimal: receive submissions by email, pass on the links a group of forum members (or decide yourself), write back to the submitters to tell them how awesome their trick was and how we'd love to use it, and post a video to Youtube once a week.

Contact me if you're interested. Conversely, if you have an idea for how we could change this up a bit, I'd love to hear.

Videos of the Week / VotW: 2 May 2011: Emmanuel
« on: May 02, 2011, 07:07:03 AM »
Thanks to Emmanuel (albertalsacien on the forum) for this week's video: an interesting variation on the 3 diabolo 42 — the crossed 42.

In the world of increasing complexity of 3 diabolo tricks, I like the simplicity of this move and its visual effect. VotW: 2 May 2011: Emmanuel

Also, is that a Ghostbuster's shirt?

7 Policy & Feedback / iPhone Optimized Theme
« on: March 01, 2011, 09:09:20 AM »
This looks pretty awesome:


It's a new SMF theme that's optimized for mobile Safari (and other smart phone browsers). SMF detects the browser and the theme is automatically fed to the mobile browser with the option to switch to the traditional theme.

Cost is $20/year. If there's interest (i.e., $) I'd be happy to purchase it. Say if 10 of us put in just 2 or 3 dollars each (to account for PayPal fees). Think of it as the price of a cheap app for at least a year's worth of iPhone optimized We could run this simultaneously with or instead of the Tapatalk framework.

A couple major advantages to this: (1) it doesn't require a separate application (for this reason I rarely use the Tapatalk app) and (2) it allows the ability to post, which the Tapatalk app restricts without the paid version.

Anyone else in?

Videos / 2010 Collaboration Video
« on: December 24, 2010, 11:36:53 PM »
Just before the end of 2010, the collaboration video is here featuring 34 diaboloists from 13 countries. Big thanks to this year's editor, Nico Pires, who assembled another phenomenal collaboration video in record time. Of course, thanks to all the contributors[nb]And sorry that I've been too preoccupied with other things to participate this year.[/nb]. Also, thanks to Hath and Jem who volunteered to edit the video but in the end let Nico have all the glory (and pain) for this year.

This is the fifth annual collaboration video celebrating the sixth anniversary of the forum. In Internet years, that's a long time. It's great to see some old faces, but also lots of new faces. What a great way to celebrate 2010 and kick off the world of diaboloing for 2011. Collaboration 2010 - juggling videos hosted @

Vimeo Collaboration 2010

YouTube Collaboration 2010

You can download a copy at [noembed][/noembed]
or from Dropbox:
(That's a link to a page at The file itself is 360mb.)

10 Policy & Feedback / URLs in signatures
« on: December 08, 2010, 11:42:09 PM »
Sorry that it's come to this, but for the time being I've disabled URLs in the signature field. Existing signatures aren't affected. If you want to add or change a URL in your signature then just send me a message with what you'd like in your signature and I'll make it happen.

The problem is the volume of spam accounts signing up to post ads in the signature field. I'm spending way too much time wading through all the new accounts to find these.

Videos / 2010 Collaboration Video: Call for Videos by Nov. 30th
« on: October 21, 2010, 05:21:29 PM »
The 2010 Collaboration Video is going to happen!

This year there will also be a form of collaboration in the editing, but we're going to keep the editing format a surprise.

Upload your clips somewhere and send us a link. E.g. or use the public folder in your Dropbox. If you want to use Dropbox and don't already have it (it's great), here's a shameless plug that gets us both a little extra space: sign up with this link.

Email a link to your video to collab2010 "at"

Rename files with your name and location.

If submitting multiple clips then number them as appropriate.

In your email include:
-The file link
-Repeat your name and location as you'd like them included
-Your forum username if you have one
-If you know anything about the format of your video clip, please include it. This might include the resolution, interlacing (or lack thereof), and video codec used.

This is going to be a fast submission process. Send your clips by the end of November. That means you only have 5 weeks to film and submit.

When you film:
Think about interesting camera angles and camera motion. This can add substantially to your clip.

Likewise, the choice of location and background is important. Make it interesting!

Keep clothing in mind. Make sure you can see the diabolos clearly on the background and your clothing.

The video resolution should be high definition (720 pixels wide or above) if at all possible.

Please send the clip in its native format as you get it off your camera. I.e. don't compress it.

Questions? Post here.

Please don't talk about your specific clips here or release your clip anywhere on the internet until after the collaboration video is released. It ruins the surprise for everyone.

Now get filming!

12 Policy & Feedback / Back from the Oct 14th outage
« on: October 14, 2010, 04:41:16 PM »
Sorry that took a while to fix. I woke up to e-mails that the forum was down (thanks) but didn't have the time to fix it until just now. Turns out we just ran out of space on the server (not from adding new large files, it's just that the space was tighter than I realized and temporary files, backup files, and log files filled the remaining space). Took a while to figure that one out though. So, I'll free up some space and we should be good to go.

Carry on!

edit - it was the server logs. The access log file had grown to 1.8GB!!

General / MOVED: Taibolo vs. Finesse?
« on: October 03, 2010, 06:39:50 PM »

14 Policy & Feedback / iPhone optimized version of
« on: September 20, 2010, 05:11:27 AM »
I've set up an iPhone optimized version of the forum using the Tapatalk framework. There are two apps available:

The free but read-only version: "Tapatalk RO - Forum App"

The non-free version that you can also post from: "Tapatalk - Forum App"

With either, you'll find the forum by searching for "". You'll want to sign in with your forum username and password to access all the features.

More information:

If people like it then I'll be sure to keep it around as I update the forum software over time. Haven't tested it that much myself yet. Let me know what you think.

The blurb from the Tapatalk creators:
Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone / Android and soon to be on Blackberry and Nokia. Tapatalk supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, all these features are accessible in just a few simple taps.
Tapatalk for iPhone:
Showing New and Unread Posts:

Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support:

See Who's Online:

Reply to Post and Image Upload:

<There were Android images too, which I have cut for the sake of brevity.>

Gear / X-ray of a Finesse
« on: September 14, 2010, 02:13:55 AM »
This is great:
[smg id=496];sa=item;in=496
Posted by a new member, tejklin.

Performances / MOVED: How To Become A Clown?
« on: July 22, 2010, 04:20:21 AM »

If you registered since January 25th 2010, never posted, hadn't logged in within the last 30 days, and didn't have obvious words like "juggle" or "diabolo" in your username/email, I have deleted your account. If, on the off chance you happened to be a real person, please do re-register. Unbeknownst to me, spam memberships had gotten badly out of control. I have tightened the anti-spam measures on registration and will manually approve new members until I'm sure it's under control.

Might be a good time to remind new members that everybody (and I mean everybody) needs to have their initial posts approved by a moderator. This serves two purposes:
1. It keeps the general audience from reading as much about male enhancement pills and cheap chiropractic services.
2. It lets the moderators intercept new threads that often duplicate existing content. We can then direct the user to an appropriate thread via personal message or merge the threads. This seems to keep the place running smoother and generates a higher signal to noise ratio for those people who have been around for a while.

Once I've seen that you aren't a spam-bot and have an idea of how things run around here then I assign your membership "approved poster" status. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to it, so don't be discouraged if your first few posts need to be approved.

Tricks / MOVED: popswap central 42 out
« on: June 28, 2010, 10:42:44 PM »

Videos of the Week / Top 20 VotW by view count
« on: May 29, 2010, 05:43:45 AM »
The following form the 20 most viewed video of the week threads as of May 2010 by cumulative view count standardized by view count changes over time. They represent the red dots in the following figure:

These are only a small sample of the great videos of the week we've had over the past 5 years. The thread titles link to the discussion threads.

VotW: 11 May 2006, Tempei: 1d vertax infinite suicide VotW: 11 may 2006, Tempei

VotW: 9 July 2007, Tr'espace: 2d excalibur VotW: 9 july 2007, Tr'espace

VotW: December 19-25, Priam: 3d Feed The Sun 2 VotW: 18 december 2005, Priam

VotW: 6 April 2009: Ofek: 4d under the leg
4 Diabolo under the leg by Ofek Shilton

VotW: 31 March, 2008: Langerz: 1d yoyo trick trap door VotW: 31 March, 2008: Langerz

VotW: 4 December 2006, Busk: 2d fan combination VotW: 4 december 2006, Busk

VotW: January 10-16, Ryo Yabe: 3d double sun armstall VotW: 9 january 2005, Ryo Yabe

VotW: 16 April 2007, William: 1d excalibur floor bounce
Floor bounce triple genocide catch

VotW: 2 March 2009: Nev: 1d kick genocide VotW: 2 March 2009: Nev

VotW: 20 October 2008: Martijn: 1d mini suicide madness VotW: 20 October 2008: Martijn

VotW: 27 July 2009: Dodson : 3d darkside throw VotW: 27 July 2009: Dodson

VotW: 21 November 2006, Zack: 2d 3d oct23 VotW: 21 november 2006, Zack

VotW: 29 March 2010: Aloïs : 4d rocket start and 2 diabolos suicide start VotW: 29 March 2010: Aloïs

VotW: 26 September 2006, Nate &amp; Jacob: 4d 5d 6d passing VotW: 26 september 2006, Nate & Jacob

VotW: 5 September 2007, Tahia: 3d the box VotW: 5 september 2007, Tahia

VotW: 7 July 2008: Quentin: 2d integral VotW: 7 July 2008: Quentin

VotW: 16 July 2007, Ben: 1d multiple excalibur genocides VotW: 16 july 2007, Ben

VotW: February 21-27, Arjan: 2d minigenocide VotW: 20 february 2005, Arjan

VotW: 25 February 2008, Matt (Funty): 2d 1d Robinhood VotW: 25 February, 2008: Matt (Funty)

VotW: 7 April 2008: Tommi: 1d string loops VotW: 7 April, 2008: Tommi

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