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Tricks / Loop diabolo discussion
« on: March 08, 2008, 10:23:01 PM »
Hello everyone!

Today I tried loop diaboloing again (I tried once before, but I never searched the internet on information about it). When I am browsing to the little amount of tutorials and video's, I have the feeling I am almost able to do every trick there is (1D), and that in only 1 day!
I still have to start with trying vertax and 2D, but maybe ill do that tomorrow.

However, I guess there is lots and lots of information still to be found! And there is not even an active topic about loop diaboloing!
Thats why I want to discuss this subject with you.

The questions that have to be answered:

What kind of tricks can be copied from stick diaboloing?

What new tricks can we think of?

Should loop diaboloing get a cooler name?

What benefits are there for using a shorter string and what for longer ones?

Trick listing:

Accelleration, let the diabolo make circles about both hands

Trapeze left or right landing on both strings. Hold the string with your thumb on the side you want to make a trapeze.
Trapeze left or right landing on a single string. Same as above.

Sun? Release one hand and continue making circles

Suicide/Duicide? Start with preforming a sun and release other hand too when the diabolo is going up, catch with one or 2 hands

Orbit around the left or right hand upwards, throw the diabolo inside the loop to the upper string in the direction of one of the hands and let it circle around it
Orbit around the left or right hand downwards, swing the diabolo to the hand, let it circle around it and then drop from the upper string to the lower one
with both of these tricks you can make a figure of 8 if you change the hand the diabolo orbits around every circle.

Orbit around the leg, place your leg above the diabolo and under the upper string, and start accelleration.  Hands can be removed if your string is short enough
Orbit around the neck, same as around the leg but than with your neck

Wrap, just the same as normal diaboloing

Double loop, drop the diabolo when its under the topstring in a lefthand wrap onto the lower string. than put both loops together as one

Whip catch, the same as normal diaboloing but now you hold the string in your hands.

If you have anything you can do yourself to add, please write it out and post it!
What were your experiences with loop diabolo? What do you think about listing these tricks? Can you answer the questions I asked? Any idea's?

Everything is welcome :)

Recources: Notes from a loop diabolo workshop on the BJC from Nick a video with some nice loop diaboloing 2D trapeze start tutorial Vertax loop tutorial Loop tutorials from

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