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Community & Events / WJF Diabolo RoXXed
« on: December 21, 2005, 02:20:22 PM »
OK, I just got back from the WJF.  I know everyone thought that the Diabolo competition would be just Norbi and Yabe, but it wasn't.

The competition started with Norbi, who did pretty well.  He seems to have gotten a lot better (at least from what I can tell from his vids.)

Then a Japanese juggler (living in England) named Tempe was up.  He did some pretty nice stuff.  The highlights of this were in his excaliber section where he did a double genocide, a genocide to somehow bringing the handsticks behind his back or something, and a triple genocide!

Then Yabe was up.  If you've seen his IJA routine from this year, you've seen his WJF routine.  Unfortunately I think there were more drops.....

Then there was a diaboloist from (I believe) Taiwan named William.  Basically, he would have owned at the IJA.  It was weird because he had quite a few poses and went along with the music pretty well.  But he was fantastic.  He had no drops, creative excaliber shtuffff, a few MFP tricks, and a ton of energy.  He did some REALLY fast one diabolo stuff.  

The competion rocked.  Here is the official order:

4. Norbi
3. Tempe
2. Yabe
1. William

I don't know the scores.  Norbi, feel free to fill in any more details or correct me when you get back home.

Mike Webster

Gear / Sticky diabolo?
« on: July 10, 2005, 07:06:06 PM »
One of my diaboloes seems to stick more than my other diabolo.  Durring wrapped orbits, my blue diabolo over wraps more often than my green diabolo does.  The blue one has had more use if that has anything to do with my troubles.  If there is anything that can be done to remedy my situation, any help would be appretiated.

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